Monday, October 21, 2013

My Weekend Party

This weekend I hosted a bridal shower, a sure fire sign that we're not in Kansas college anymore.  It was a small gathering, but as I mentioned before, I was quite nervous about having people over.  Something about the first 'formal' gathering that you host can really get to you, or so I've learned.

Maybe it's my type A personality or my unhealthy obsession with Pinterest, but I wanted the every last detail to be perfect.  So I cleaned for days, arranged flowers, bought what felt like half of the super market, and made my boyfriend hang my other DIY curtains in preparation.  (Please note this is the cleanest our house has been in 2013, see what hosting a party can do for you?)  All in hopes of attaining perfection.

Well the event was far from perfect, you probably noticed the crossed out food label above due to a last minute menu change, but it was heartfelt to say the least. The out pour of love and support that was given to me as the host, and my good friend as the bride (isn't she stunning with that pixie?) was really amazing.  Especially considering how poorly the bachelorette party went? Remember this story?

Among my favorite moments was when she was opening presents, and got a book that has advice from couples that have been married over fifty years, and tears came to her eyes. It wasn't the grandest or most expensive present there, but it was the idea behind it that really got the bride to be everyone choked up.
There's just something so special about sharing moments with friends who are getting married that you can't ever recreate.  I'll probably never parade around the house in my bridemaids dress, next to a best friend in her veil and wedding shoes in front of our co-workers just for fun ever again. Nor will there be that much excitement stirring in my home for a while, but I was honored we could all be together to share and celebrate the last few weeks of her 'single' life.

I can't wait to stand up at the alter with her in six short weeks, and I really can't wait to break it down on the dance floor.  But really I can't wait to share the future with her and her husband. It's going to be be so amazingly special.
P.S. I got my camera back, but I didn't take these, a guest did. Didn't she do a GREAT job?


  1. Aw, everything looks so great! You did a really good job hosting the party. xx

  2. Everything looks awesome!! Good job!

  3. Everything looks amazing! Such a great job and..I see how you styled that necklace there..and i love it! ;)

  4. Looks a great party!! Makes me want to host one, without all the worrying of course! :) xx


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