Thursday, October 24, 2013

New Kid on the the Block

Last night I attended my first alumni event, and my heart had palpitations.  Alumni, man that word still stings.
If you can guess which house I we were in, ten extra points for you.

After three solid years of being a collegiate member of Delta Gamma,  I graduated and 'left sorority' life in the past, one of the hardest things I've ever done.  No one ever tells you just how sad life post graduation sorority is going to be, it's the pits.

So when my little called inviting me to go with her to our local alumni group Bunco night I figured why not try it out.  Being the new kid on the block is hard, all us bloggers had to start somewhere, so you know how it goes.

Am I dressed appropriately? Are they going to like me? Should I bring something? Did I remember to brush my teeth? Are we going to have do to a ritual? Shit do I remember those? I usual freak out before you're the new girl on the block routine.

But when we showed up it was all peachy keen- I had forgotten the whole premise of a sorority is getting girls together for a larger cause to harbor friendships, develop skill sets, and better you as a person, friend, and community member.  And you'll make good best friends out of it.

My first day as a DG I knew no one, and same was true at this event, but they were all my type of people, and we drank wine and played bunco which pretty much knocks the socks out of my usual Wednesday plans (i.e Modern Family and Criminal Minds).

I'm going back next month, we are going to do the Paint and Sip deal. Ifs BYOW (bring your own wine). I can't even wait. 


  1. the anchors were a good DG touch...

  2. Aww, how fun! Glad you enjoyed yourself :)


  3. I'm glad you enjoyed it! I just signed up to be in my local alumnae chapter, and I am so incredibly nervous about going to my first event!

  4. How Fun! Way better than my Wednesday plans! ( I'd be watching Modern Family too hah)



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