Thursday, December 5, 2013


The past four days have flown by, and before I knew it, Thursday just about smacked me right in the face, and I hadn't visited this space in over a week.  Blogger fail.  But I've been reading yours, I promise. What else would I do while eating breakfast in the morning.
Blogs > Newspaper.

Since I've been gone I am have made some life changing discoveries.

First, wedding photo booths are better with lobsters, duh.

A dogs paw works on a touch screen. And yes I actually made my dog use my iPhone yesterday, and you should have seen the joy radiating off me while making her do it. What, you don't try things with this with your dog? I swear I'm normal.  She's great at checking email, texting not so much.

Frozen pineapple, Kale, OJ smoothies are Ah-maz-ing. Seriously try it. It's like a tropical party, that's healthy too.

Nothing will prepare you for trying on wedding dresses. It feels as foreign as it sounds,  dueling with the feeling of being a life size barbie, and event that doesn't describe it.  I've tried on many a-dresses. I swear nothing had me ready for this feeling, nothing.

Nine o'clock bed times aren't just for Grandparents, they are for me too. And I am not even ashamed by it.  I just. can't. hang.

Extended warranty's may just save you thousands. I've got my girl back (that's my car) and I love it even more than the day I bought it.  Eight days was simply too long to be apart. Never again lady, or at least I hope not.

Cyber Monday was not over rated. I scored this, some flights, and some accessories for over half off, and while I still know I'm getting ripped off, I feel a lot better about it.

And last, there is simple not enough Christmas this year.  With Thanksgiving falling so late, we don't have enough days of Christmas lights, music, trees, or stockings. Let alone enough days to shop.  Holy all hot dogs, hold on to your buns. We're 20 days out.


  1. Missed you on this space and in general ;) Where did you score flights too?

  2. i will be in bed early with you, gma.

  3. I stayed up until 10:30 yesterday and it killed me. so i feel that.

  4. Hahaha... my pup has messed up my Kindle a few times.


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