Friday, November 8, 2013

Why Thanksgiving is the Middle Child of Holidays

Thanksgiving is the 'token' middle child.
I'll explain.

On November first all the stores go from Halloween Headquarters to Christmas galore, forgetting almost completely about Thanksgiving. My personal favorite Holiday.

Who doesn't want to celebrate a Holiday that reminds us all of what we have to be thankful for, and allows you to eat nearly three times the daily recommended calories in one sitting, including apple pie? It's what I call the mecca. But lets not lose focus.
Walking Apple pie. The Best.
When Halloween comes around, everyone is excited! Neighborhoods are super spirited with decorated porches, carved pumpkins, and the coolest or most original costumes. Much like the first child. The parents to be spend weeks decorating the nursery, finding the perfect 'take home outfit', and gathering all the other necessary baby supplies.  They are excited to start their little family.

Then Thanksgiving is here, the Holiday that is based on feelings, including but no limited to, thankfulness, appreciation, gratitude, and the list goes on. Similar to how you hear families talk about their second child.  'We're so blessed', 'Couldn't be more happy', 'So much to be thankful for'.

And when Christmas finally gets here, everyone forgets about Halloween, and Thanksgiving and is just excited to be in the giving spirit, but also to have the long string of Holidays over (no I'm not forgetting about New Years). The last of the major Holidays to round out what has felt like a three month marathon, which is the third child.

If, for the sake of the analogy, you've finally made it to New Years, and you have yet another kid, well you're already in a league of your own here. And I've got nothing for you.

And when people talk about the 'Holidays' they start with Halloween, and jump right over to Christmas without even skipping a beat.  Yeah Thanksgiving might not be the most entertaining Holiday, but it's a Holiday none the less, and again any day that I get paid to sit around eat, drink, and eat some more with family and friends is the best in my book.

And while I am not a middle child, I imagine this is how a middle child often feels, just like Thanksgiving.  And while I am the youngest, that wouldn't be half bad.


  1. Thanksgiving is my husbands favorite as well. He says its because its the big meal and family time BUT with no greed of presents..

  2. mm apple pie!!! and youre right, thanksgiving always gets forgotten... never thought about it that way :)

  3. I love Thanksgiving! Although, I have to admit, most of the time I do prefer the Christmas food over the Thanksgiving feast.

  4. I am a middle child and can say that this, is fairly accurate!


  5. it really doesn't get enough love. i mean i will always celebrate a holiday full of thanks and food and more food. especially stuffing.

  6. Thanksgiving is the BEST. I mean... the food. C'mon. What's NOT to love about a day focused on FOOD?!

  7. We don't celebrate thanksgiving where I liked this post anyway! I definitely know how it feels to be the middle child and reading this made me smile! :)

  8. Awww. Poor Thanksgiving :) haha. Great post!


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