Wednesday, November 13, 2013

What you Should be Buying Right now!!!

I spent the better half of last night browsing the endless pages of F21, Old Navy, and Nordstrom website. Because what else do you do when your better half is still under the weather, and in bed at 6:30 right. Totally normal.

I compiled a very thorough list of things I want need want.

Starting with this lovely sparkle top. Summer with white jeans and wedges, winter with a bondage skirt, tights and boots. Yes please.

This houndstooth sweater that looks like a socially acceptable way to wear a blanket in public and to work. Sign me up yesterday.

These leggings got five star reviews and are on sale. Um again why were these not always in style. The comfort, oh the comfort.

And wearing said leggings with this ombre top, might be the closest thing I come to ombre. Although I'd love to do  my hair, I am afraid it will look weird on my short locks? Thoughts? Regardless this shirt is spot on.

Booties for days is my motto this season. Or at least I would like to think so. I have two pair from Target, an old pair from Nordstrom and counting.  Thinking these Olive ones might be a nice addition. With jeans and a loose sweater. I die inside.

Layering up with a big jacket in the cold is also awesome. This leopard gem is no exception. Now just get in my closet.

And a stylish Thanksgiving sweater could easily double as belly cover up in style is perfection. 

I am sure I saw more.
But these are the ones that made the 'official' blog list.
What are you craving?


  1. I saw that sweater at F21 and almost texted you a picture!

  2. give me all the baggy sweaters for the holiday meals!

  3. My list is a mile long right now thanks to Christmas and Pinterest. That Old Navy sweater is adorable. Get me that.

  4. I love love love the new additions you may be adding to your closet!! My list is getting longer by the minute.. i think i need to stop taking online shopping breaks at work LOL xoxo


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