Tuesday, November 5, 2013

This Little Face

If I could look this cute in stripes and pumpkin hat, all while gnawing on my fingers, I would totally do it. Minus the finger gnawing part, maybe.  Somehow I don't think that it'd be quite as flattering on me.  This little one, oh and her parents (my brother and sister in law) are coming to visit this weekend. And I'm ready to give her 2,492,731 hugs, and twice as many kisses. 

I mean, that face.

I'm also ready to see her in the adorable leopard jeans I bought her at Target, that I just couldn't resist, which I am sure her Mom is thrilled about.  I might even wear my leopard jeans and be super matchy matchy, you never know.

Although we are a airplane ride or eight long driving hours away from the three of them, I am determined to make my mark at the 'coolest Aunt ever' by drowning her in fun and cute things forever. Or maybe until I have kids of my own. Time will tell.

Among other things I am excited about these days.
The list is long.

Starting with:
A weekend in the mountains
Our new mailbox
Painting the Front door
The wedding
Finishing the Deck
The pumpkin bread I just made
And my new vest
My kindle
and the onset of Ski Season

I can't wait.


  1. Sounds like you have so many wonderful things to look forward too! Your niece is adorable :) enjoy these happy days!

  2. aww so many fun things to look forward to :) and an adorable little niece to spoil :)
    Fashion question for you, how can you wear tall boots with not so skinny jeans?

  3. oh my lanta, that face is just too presh. I want to squeeze it.

  4. OMG! wear your leopard pants and get a twinsie photo for sure, too stinkin adorable! Enjoy your time with such a little cutie.


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