Friday, November 22, 2013

Advice to for the Days Post Engagement

First and foremost. Thank you to all your love and support. I still can't believe it's real (both my life and engagement), and I've been rockin' the ring for nearly a week.  Please note this picture was taken on the day of my engagement, just before it happened, hence no ring.

A week already. Holy Blazin' Saddles. I need to get things rollin', but seriously.

So here are some words from the wise. Except I'm not 'the wise', so here are some tips on days post engagement from me.

Go ahead and call your office and let them know you won't be in for a day or two; you'll be on the phone. Those venue calls and emails may make you crazy, but are so damn necessary. Take good notes ladies. They (the venues) mean business. Also if I haven't emailed you back (that's all of you, lets be honest), it's because I've been emailing venues.  But I'm coming up for air and will be returning them shortly ;).

Remind yourself that you are not dreaming, and that the ring too is real. And then remind yourself that yes, you are in fact some one's fiance.  Because it's just plain awesome.

Your family. Don't forget about them. They all want to know and share your exciting news. Embrace the love and support they extend to you.  Then meet with them to give them your venue information (ASAP) and start making decisions; the earlier the better.

Look cute, because everyone who knows you is going to want to see the ring talk to you about the engagement, but let's not lie probably see the ring. You DON'T want to be looking a mess. I'm just sayin'.

Just smile and embrace it.  This time if never going to come again.

Also, yes catch yourself looking down at your finger for a few too many seconds, because your ring catches the light and your eye so perfectly.  There ain't nothing wrong with loving it.


  1. Congratulations girl! I know how exciting this time in your life is! You are so right, the venues mean business. We booked our venue 16 months in advance and it was already nearly booked up. Craziness!

  2. congrats! you look very pretty today!

  3. if you don't already have one, you need a manicure stat!

  4. So, so happy for you-- I'll have to remember these things! Venues seem like craziness!

  5. so cute! I love look cute. It is true, for a while I am sure you are the most photographed woman in the world.

  6. Embrace it girly...such an amazing time in your life ;)

    Loves and hugs!!!

  7. Ahh yayay so exciting!! I got engaged at the beginning of October and I'm STILL in shock and still stare at my ring a little too often! It's the most wonderful feeling in the world - enjoy and savor every single second!! :)

  8. Congratulations! When I first got engaged I was on public transit just staring at my ring - and someone called me out on it! haha!

  9. girl i have been dating michael for 9 years today and i still don't know what the heck is right or wrong. but you should just enjoy the heck out of this time together!

  10. Love those tights! Enjoy this time in your life, girl! :D

  11. Congratulations!

    Advice from me: if you ever look down and your ring isn't there, don't have a panic attack and assume you have lost it until AFTER you check your jewelry box.

  12. CONGRATS!!

    HAha love all your advice seeing as I've been going through all it for the last few months! The venue and selecting a date may be one of the hardest things (err not to mention the guest list and budget). Keep at it! You'll feel some weight lifted off your shoulders once it's selected...then its off to a caterer, the dress, florist,etc. Then all the small details ;) Some days I feel ahead and other days I feel like there is still so much to do!

    Let me know if you need any wedding blogs or suggestions. The best advice I can also give you: do whatever you and your fiance want! Everyone wants to give their opinions, but try to stick to what you guys want. After all, it is your guys day!



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