Friday, November 15, 2013

Longing for the Mountains

I spent the entire work day yesterday (all eight hours of it) in the same conference room with two back to back meetings, and a furry of inhaling my lunch and sending the worlds longest email in between.  Talk about long day, I am clearly not cut out for cubical or clerical work.  Today I am back to my office for more Friday hustle and bustle until I bust out at 3:30 (if all goes as planned) for a weekend in the mountains. My favorite.
No there is not this much snow, YET, this picture is from last year Zoey's first snow adventure, and it was too cute not to share again.  Sorry for the repeat.

When packing for this weekend, I may have gone a bit overboard. Somehow three pair of jeans (and leggings too), six shirts, three scarves, two pair of boots and three jackets jumped in my suitcase. Whoopsies....the things that happen when I don't have a carry on size restraint or lb. limit.

And what are we going to do this weekend? We'll probably have grand ideas of going to get our annual season pass pictures taken, walking around looking perfectly mountain cute like this pinspired look.  But in all reality, I'll probably spend a ton of time in my Uggs and leggings by the fire, and drinking more than one three of the micro brews at the local brewery and restaurant.

It's going to be the perfect fall weekend, and a great way to share time together before the craziness of Thanksgiving (the middle child Holiday) and all the family members!

Oh my goodness. Only three more HOURS.


  1. I love the photo! It is beautiful! Hope you have a wonderful mountain weekend!

  2. Have a GREAT weekend!! I'm jealous!

  3. It's a new picture to ME and it's adorable! :) Have an awesome weekend!!!!


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