Monday, May 12, 2014

Weight Watchers Before and After: Update

If you've read one post of mine, it's probably this one. Where I confessed that after college graduation I had blindly gained weight while drinking studying, and then joined weight watchers and lost 25lbs in three months.

Here is proof, this actually happened.

About a year ago, I got on the scale I was 10 whole pounds heavier and my heart shattered right there.   Two five pounds bags of flour heavier, shoot me, but before you do, bring on the cookie dough were my actual thoughts.  But after further assessment, I realized my body fat was down and muscle mass was up. Not much to complain about, except my arms still looking fat...will they ever look how I want them look in pictures???
After another year, and a crazy encounter with a six week training program, I hopped on the scale to see a number that about made me shit my pants right there.  I mean at least then I'd be lighter, right?  ANOTHER five pounds heavier, but again 4.5 inches smaller throughout my upper half.  Not sure this picture can prove it, but here it is.

So two years out I am fifteen pounds heavier.
+15lbs. heavier 
-5 inches smaller
+ more muscle (3% increase in muscle mass)
- less fat (-2% in body fat)

I plan on going 'hardcore' (this is relative) with working out and watching my weight two months before our wedding.  If we're being honest, I'll probably join WW again- it's interactive, and holds me VERY accountable in a way that I can't be on my own.  Like those two crunch wrap supremes I scarfed down after the Tim McGraw concert on Friday.  Sweet mother of all things sinfully delicious, they were awesome, and will be paid for in full by my weight, I am almost sure.


  1. That can be so frustrating! I used to do a lot of endurance sports and it took me a while to realize the muscle was making me look bigger. Good luck!

  2. Girl, you look amazing! Inches and not pounds is key!

  3. The scale can be very deceptive once you start gaining muscle. There are a lot of girls with muscle that still look very lean. Anyway, you look great :).

  4. Ummm... skinny mini...I've learned to ignore the scale...I'd say whatever you're doing now is working fabulous!

  5. you look great!! I hate the scale yet let it rule how i feel often!!

  6. This is awesome, congrats!

  7. I love weight watchers!! I lost 16 pounds on it!! Good for you!! Losing weight feels so good!!

  8. even with the higher weight, you're still down in fat. that is incredible - you look amazing. you better be proud!

  9. Kaylin! You look INCREDIBLE! I once read somewhere that we should always weigh ourselves on Fridays because our weight seems to drop a pound or two after five days of what's normally clean eating (b/c we tend to splurge on the weekends) ... so I guess what I'm saying is if you're discouraged with the scale maybe start weighing yourself on Friday for a more accurate number!! ... though you do look GREAT! and I hope you're so proud of yourself!

  10. I tried Weight Watchers before and found it helped a bit, maybe I should get back into it ? You look great by the way! Congrats on getting in shape :)


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