Monday, December 23, 2013

So Close to Christmas

It's not the best photo I know, but this little one (my darling niece) has it all right.

Christmas is so close, she can basically touch it.
And while again, I've got nothing for you.
I promise you more after the Holidays.

And while I've been full of false promises before.
This one, I won't.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Being Present . A Present.

This was the center piece at my Company Holiday lunch created by moi, can you say pinspired?
Now if only the wrapping paper were a sweater and the ribbon was a scarf I'd be on point with all the rest of you bloggers.  But it's not.

As Christmas creeps closer and closer, I can't help but feel overwhelmingly excited and anxious for 2014.  But before the New Year, we've got lots to do.  I have one last Christmas present to buy... and I am done.   One would thinking by getting a jump start in October I'd be done by now, but buying on present in October and then waiting 'til December for all the rest doesn't really count.

My parents are heading out to see my brother, sister in law, and darling niece this weekend, and I am only just the slightest bit jealous.  Her presents this year are classic Christmas books with writing inside the front covers.  I've told her to never stop believing in Santa and spirit of Christmas, and to always embrace the love and cheer the Holiday season brings.   Sure at seven months she's a little young for these big messages, but they are always important.  Plus who doesn't love How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Polar Express, and The Night Before Christmas. 

As for me, sure I've asked for presents, there are quite a few things on my list.  But truth be told I'd be happy if there weren't a single thing under the tree, wrapped with my name on it.  I've had a year to be thankful for, with much much more to look forward to in 2014 (cough our wedding cough) which is a present it's self.  

And while we're talking about the word 'present', I'll try to be more present on this bloggity blog of mine, because here it is December 17th, and I've blogged a whopping four times.

What does the word present mean to you these days?

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

THAT Target Vest

Hello uber tacky over the shoulder 'poses'. I mean seriously, what is happening to me?

I have been meeting with wedding photographers (how do you interview a photographer anyway?), and after taking these I realize, I am going to need a LOT of work on the big day.

From what I have been told you have to go with whoever feels best, etc. Which is all fine and dandy but they all seem great, so I am going with someone I 'know' and picked the photographer who did my friends engagement and wedding pictures. Nothing can beat 'tried and true' right?

Anything else to report?
Nope, aside from the fact that I am wearing that Target vest that everyone every blogger and their Mom has, and I love it.
Shirt//BP Nordstrom. Vest//Target. Leggings//Nordstrom.  Boots//Nordstrom

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Home Alone

How classic is this movie?
I mean seriously though. Also anyone see the most recent buzz feed article of what Buzz's Instagram would look like. I died. If you haven't read it- go read it now. After you finish reading this post, duh!
But I was 'home alone' this weekend and by that I mean my fiance (gawd I am fancy like that) was at the game, so this little gal was all alone.

For something that seems so simple, I was awestruck by it.  Rarely and I mean rarely and I home alone.

And guess what happened. Nothing notable. 

I spent most of the day in my sweatpants and slippers and talked the bestie on the phone for close to two hours, and feel confident it is exactly what I needed.  After a marathon of Thanksgiving, being in the wedding, and then family galore somehow the four days off last week were not enough.

While I had great plans of wrapping all our Christmas presents this weekend. I didn't.
I was going to write lots of blogizzle posts. I didn't.
And I was going to finish all the laundry, but guess again. I didn't.
Strike three, I'm out.
And on that note.
I am out to freeze my little booty off work.

Thursday, December 5, 2013


The past four days have flown by, and before I knew it, Thursday just about smacked me right in the face, and I hadn't visited this space in over a week.  Blogger fail.  But I've been reading yours, I promise. What else would I do while eating breakfast in the morning.
Blogs > Newspaper.

Since I've been gone I am have made some life changing discoveries.

First, wedding photo booths are better with lobsters, duh.

A dogs paw works on a touch screen. And yes I actually made my dog use my iPhone yesterday, and you should have seen the joy radiating off me while making her do it. What, you don't try things with this with your dog? I swear I'm normal.  She's great at checking email, texting not so much.

Frozen pineapple, Kale, OJ smoothies are Ah-maz-ing. Seriously try it. It's like a tropical party, that's healthy too.

Nothing will prepare you for trying on wedding dresses. It feels as foreign as it sounds,  dueling with the feeling of being a life size barbie, and event that doesn't describe it.  I've tried on many a-dresses. I swear nothing had me ready for this feeling, nothing.

Nine o'clock bed times aren't just for Grandparents, they are for me too. And I am not even ashamed by it.  I just. can't. hang.

Extended warranty's may just save you thousands. I've got my girl back (that's my car) and I love it even more than the day I bought it.  Eight days was simply too long to be apart. Never again lady, or at least I hope not.

Cyber Monday was not over rated. I scored this, some flights, and some accessories for over half off, and while I still know I'm getting ripped off, I feel a lot better about it.

And last, there is simple not enough Christmas this year.  With Thanksgiving falling so late, we don't have enough days of Christmas lights, music, trees, or stockings. Let alone enough days to shop.  Holy all hot dogs, hold on to your buns. We're 20 days out.