Wednesday, April 9, 2014

True LIfe: I Can't Follow TV Shows like the rest of you

I suck at TV.
I watch plenty of it.
But I suck at it.
And I confess when the finale of HIMYM aired a few weeks back, I felt not one single emotion.

While everyone in a meeting or at the office raves over the latest episode of The Walking Dead or Scandal (are these even the hit shows anymore?), I am experience FOMO to the umpteenth degree.

Mark me down as the only mid-twenties human in the country that doesn't follow any TV series regularly.  I can't because it's too overwhelming, the plots, characters, and behind the scenes details is all just too much for to follow.  I have a hard enough time keeping up with all my friends on different coasts and work/school schedules that I sure as heck can't be held responsible for knowing what happened in a episode three weeks ago.

Once the FOMO got the best of me, I was determined to get on board with Game of Thrones, but after a very long and grueling three episode marathon I was asleep and so confused I felt like I had just taken a course understood nothing.  Then seeking to understand, I attended 'office hours' (aka asking my lovely fiance who was who for about seventeen minutes), but got so frustrated with not being able to keep up that I quit, feeling even more confused than I was when I started seeking clarification.  So that's where my attempts to watch cool shows was born and died again, all in a three hour setting.

What is my type of TV then, MINDLESS and Plotless TV, which actual takes away points for my intelligence, I am well aware.  But I can follow shows like Criminal Minds, Property Brothers, The Voice, or 10 Outrageous Acts of Science without know a single character, which is what I need.  Sixty minutes (okay 42minutes, we record everything) of a fully developed story with a beginning, middle, and end.  I can't follow all those interesting side story shows,  that will inevitably have the entire social media world buzzing (hello HIMYM finale) and possibly even cause twitter to crash with it's 'surprising' plot twist.

Here are some shows I have tried to get into but failed.
Game on Thrones
Breaking Bad
Friday Night Lights

Any suggestions of shows I might be able to follow and enjoy?
Clearly I could use a little help.


  1. NEW GIRL. Seriously. I am just like you....I never watch Breaking Bad, Walking Dead, etc., but New Girl is freaking hilarious!!!

  2. I agree with Sarah. New Girl. Also, The Mindy Project. Did you read her book? If you liked her book, you'd like the show.

  3. oh man! Sherlock. you should give that another try haha

  4. Only shows I watch religiously are Teen Mom 2 and Dance Moms... I may have a problem..

  5. I loved the book and the show, Mindy Kaling's the best! :)


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