Friday, April 18, 2014

Recent Reads That Are Worth Your While

My 2014 Goal: Read 52 books.
I'm 15 books in, and must say it's been hard (especially if I fall behind), but worth it. Here are a few of my recent reads, you might like too.

A Fault In Our Stars:
Everyone is raving, and for good reason. His sentence structure and descriptions are amazing. You'll find yourself lost in the finite details of the heart wrenching and warming story.  If for no other reason read it to remind you to appreciate and soak up the life you have.

The Art of Racing In the Rain:
Mom's been telling me to read it for a while, and when I picked it up at a bookstore a while back, you guys recommended it too.  Everyone who was read it, is right.  Ah-mazing. It is written from a interesting perspective that will keep you on your toes the entire time. Also I read it in one night started after dinner and I could NOT put it down.

The Time Keeper:
It's a short, very quick read (I started and finished it on a three hour flight), but also a very loving story. I have read more by him, and knew it would be good.  He has a gift of pulling it all together in the end, man I wish I could do that.  The book also gives a refreshing perspective of why we are here, and what our purpose might be.

Four: The Transfer:
Yup, I too am crazed by the wonderful world of Divergent and Theo James. The new short story about Four (there are three more to come) is very good, and shares more of his history and life.  I read it yesterday at lunch (it's 30 pages), and then re-read it again last night just to be sure I hadn't missed any detail.

Ladies Night:
It's one of those quick reads. Like the book version of a classic romcom, but the main character is a full time blogger and experiences many life changes all at once.  Her story of recovery and recreating herself is great. If for nothing else, this is a great pool/beach side read.

Firefly Lane:
It came highly recommended, and while it was a great story of two best it didn't knock my socks off.  I did like seeing their friendship grow from childhood through their adult life and how different their lives became, but how their friendship always remained a constant in their lives.  I put it on this list, because I liked it, and would say if nothing else read it to remind you of how strong your presence can be in someones life.

We All Fall Down:
I love to read about drug addictions and messed up families (I don't know why), but this book is the 'third' in a series.  The first, Beautiful Boy (from the fathers point of view) and second Tweak (from the sons point of view) share a story of the sons struggle with drug addiction. These stories pit and peak so often, and your heart as the reader will follow right along.  If you read anything off this list, read these three. 

Next up for me, this book.  Comes highly recommended from my Mom, so I am sure it will be great.

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  1. Thank you for some great suggestions! Been looking for something new to read after I finished the Divergent series a couple weeks ago... Can't wait get a hold of the first two on your list!


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