Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Pin Your Heart Out

I've been pinning a lot recently for inspiration, and general life hacking ideas.  Also what else is a non coffee drinker supposed to do at 11:30pm in bed after having a latte at 3pm?  I haven't really pinned anything super notable, except this board which really is helping me narrow the focus for all things wedding.  But we can pin our hearts out and still nothing in life seems quite like pinterest, if you know what I mean.

Like this smoothie I made the other morning. It that was supposed to taste like a snickerdoodle cookie.  Newsflash, it didn't. Maybe it was the avocado or the spinach, just sayin'.

Or my hair, if only.  My hair board is full of amazing things when in all reality, I texted my bestie this pic, because it was my first good hair day in seventeen days.  I needed someone to acknowledge it before I walked out only to realize it super windy and my hair was blown right back into it's general craziness.
Our living room has been coming together for a while, if a while can be three years that is.  I finally got our main attraction piece for the endless wall space between the two windows that used to stare us in the face.  I love that the wall isn't naked anymore, but somehow my living room still falls short of 'pin worthy'.  On a more serious note, do peoples houses really look like this?

The only thing that has been pinteresty in my life is our engagement pictures, which we just got back, and holy the power of a professional photographer is all I have to say. I am not trying to discredit the lady at the mac counter that seriously worked a miracle on my face, but there is something our pictures that makes me think I will never look like that in real life again.  Hopefully I will at the wedding?

And this pin, has me on a quest to complete the list.  So far I have marked two off from each section, but want to have the entire list crossed off by the end of the year.  Call me ambitious, but what I have been doing in my spare time is reading. And I've been doing a LOT of it!


  1. can't wait to see your engagement photos!

  2. love your outfit in that picture! where did you get that gold necklace?


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