Thursday, April 3, 2014

5 tips for Picking Engagement Picture Outfits

So much pressure.  We have to look so in love, comfortable, and timeless.  But cheesy poses aside, the outfit picking might be the WORST part of the whole dang thing.  Or at least that how it feels right now.  I have to look attractive, and not too sexy or revealing.  The look has to be trendy, but timeless.  And I have to figure all this out by this weekend.  So I compiled a list of things I'd like my look to be. I don't want to wear something all to trendy that looks completely awful in ten years, I mean will big statement necklaces still be cool in 2024?

1. Attractive
2. Trendy
3. Timeless
4. Flattering
5. Apporirate

But most of what I have read about what to wear really just says, be yourself.  So I went to the mall in search of the perfect look, and sough out help in the ladies department.  My words exactly,  "I would like something flattering, shirt, or dress that is either plain color or has a simple patterned," and she returned with a black bag of a shirt and statement necklace, I almost gave up.  But instead I grabbed one my besties and hit the mall.

I ended up with this dress, this shirt, and these skinnies.  I might now wear any of it, and I might wear all of it.  Regardless I feel all fit the list above and will be great classic additions to my closet.  As per all other things awesome, these pictures are a great excuse for my recent return to blonde, a gel mani pedi, and an appointment to get make up done.  Pretty much every girls dream.

Basically, I can't wait to see how they turn out, I've been pinning for a couple weeks now of poses I like.  We'll see just how many we can make look half way decent without feeling to ridiculous and silly. 

P.S. If there is one thing I am certain of in all of this, it's this dress will be loved and worn for years to come.


  1. This dress! LOVE! Cannot wait to see the pictures!!!

  2. The outfits TOTALLY stressed me the hell out. I mean I had lists on lists and lost sleep over it. Bridezilla up here had to have 4 outfit changes.. Whoops! I am sure yours will be beautiful and I can't wait to see!

  3. i think you nailed it when you said it needs to be timeless so looking back you don't think that HUGE awkward statement necklace looks horrible. I am sure they will turn out great though :)


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