Friday, November 23, 2012

2002 Throw Back & BF (Black Friday)

So Black Friday has come and gone.
And I actually went out shopping at approximately 11:15am.
I was not sure any sale was worth sardine-ing myself through doors, and shoving myself in lines.
But I headed to the trusted Target to see if the Shark heat floor mop was on sale.
And Boom it was.
And I saved $40.
Thank You Very Much!!!

P.S. (Pre- Script) See that 'top knot'/bun. Yeah that took me 14 times to get right.
No but seriously, 14....that's embarrassing.

Somehow I feel like when I have more than three days off of work for a Holiday, I feel like I am in school again.
Time off....say what???
Gotta love that.

Anyways Thanksgiving was awesome.
This was my "Thanksgiving Eve" outfit.
So next time you see me, I might look 4 servings of mashed potatoes and two pieces of pie heavier.
No judging.

Also I feel like vests have come full circle.
I bought mine my freshman year of HIGH SCHOOL.
Which was nine years ago.
So I guess I kept it in my closet long enough for it to go out of style and then come back.

My Mom said this would happen.
I just didn't think I would be under 30 when it happened.
I mean neon made a come back too...
Who knew?

Also anyone else get in on that 50% off Express Sale??
That was like Christmas early.

Happy Christmas Music Season
I'm Already signing along to Celine and Michael Buble.
No judging.


  1. very cute outfit! I love christmas music and have it on right now! I want to see what you got at express!

  2. Love this outfit!

    Happy Holidays!




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