Tuesday, November 20, 2012

What I Wore: Monotone Edition

It's finally feeling like winter around here, and mountains (2 hours away) are getting snow, which hopefully means we're going to have a good ski season.

I'm getting really excited because my brother and his wife are in town for an entire week.
Today it's her birthday and we're going out a birthday dinner with a group.
Then more family togetherness this week.
It's often too much shoved into such a short period of time. 
But I'm excited to spend time with them none the less.

This little grey and black outfit was a day of again simplicity.
And not too many creative juices.

Check out this 'artistic' shot.
Most blogger do stuff like this and look so cute.
Me I look like a goof ball.
Never again.

Shirt// random eBay seller. 
Happy Tuesday that feels like a Thursday.
Gotta Love these Holidays.

P.S. I really better get Christmas Shopping.

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