Wednesday, November 28, 2012

In the Spirit of Giving

This weekend Express had a sale.
a BIG sale.
Probably their biggest sale of the year.

And I went.

I got a few gifts for family and friends, and grabbed a pair of jeggings (goodness I love those things) for myself.

Now let me do a play by play.
I'm in line (following the red line tape on the floor)
Waiting to make my purchases

I'm thinking about who is getting what
What boxes I'm going to use to wrap which gift
and Doing 'final browsing' in the bins near the line 
(which get my almost every time, dame express lip gloss)

I make my gift purchases in one transaction
(in attempts to keep finances some sort of organized this month)
And ring my jeans on another

And JUST before I swipe my card
but JUST after she'd removed the magnetic tag
I decide those jeggings are selfish
I don't NEED them
I want them

So I walked out of Express without them

Which made me happy

That's it for today.
Just a small story I thought I'd share.
Happy Wednesday!!!

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  1. BOLD. I would never have the willpower to do that! Although I'm not much of an Express girl myself. Maybe I should give them another shot.


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