Wednesday, April 23, 2014

First Good Hair Day of the Year

I was in a serious Easter candy coma the past few days and just couldn't make it over to these little keys of mine to write.  Something about going forty days without desserts and then indulging in a unidentified amount of sweets, candy, cake, and ice cream was a really bad idea.  But I am alive, and have worked out twice in the past 24 hours; full on damage control has commenced.

Yesterday was marked as my first good hair day of 2014, except when I got my hair blown out professionally.  But every knows a hair salon hair dos/styles are like handfuls of chocolate chips before breakfast, they don't count.  It's like the fake good hair day, I could never make my hair look like they can, just like the how cloths on the mannequin never look quite as good when they are actually on a person.

I can't even tell you exactly what I did different, but I am going to try bottle it up and sell it in a jar.  Or more likely figure out exactly how to have a good hair day more than once a quarter.  The odds are definitely not forever in my favor.  But I picked up some of this stuff at Target, which I have read works small hair miracles, so maybe just maybe I am taking steps in the right direction.

And while we are talking about hair, just know that I am desperately trying to grow mine out.  I have taken serious advice from the bestie who mastered how to grow hair out fast, and I also told my Grandma (who has more good juju than a Grandma) that she could send all her good vibes my way. It feels a little bit ridiculous growing my hair out, just to chop it all off again, but ridiculous is something I strive to be at times, so it is somehow appropriately fitting.

Limited Washing.
Taking vivisal.
Doing coconut oil treatments.
Getting it trimmed regularly.
Praying to the hair gods
And staying realistic.

I'm not going to be Rapunzel by October, but if I can get a good two to three more inches and three to four good hair days between now and then, I'd be happy.


  1. i am beyond impressed you went without sweets for so long!! you deserved to eat a lot!!!

  2. The hair...I can't's grown quite a bit and I LOVE it! I've taken the same route with washing...lots of extra good protein like salmon...and never ever combing it while wet (tip I read). And that scarf...adorbs!! Miss you...dinner is in our near future for sure.

  3. This whole look, yes. Hair, outfit, glasses. You look perfect!

  4. I know right?! Hair dresses make it looks so easy to style hair but I can never make mine look the same. lol. Yay for a good hair day you achieved all by yourself :)

  5. Not much better than a good hair day! You look amazing!


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