Friday, September 28, 2012

Welcome LIY Visitors

Dear LIY visitors, 
Welcome to my blog!!!

If you followed me, you'd know a lot about me, you'd know I'm a local gal, who loves skinny jeans (jeggings), and just got a puppy , BUT you'd also know Fridays I normally write letters.
One could say for lack of creativity, but others (me) could say because it's fun and I always have letters to write, but don't we all...
Regardless. Welcome.

Now you may think I wore yellow and a fabulous necklace in honor of Erin, and you may or may not be right, but I'll let you decide.  
If you want the truth, you'll have to read the end of this post.

Now Back to the Good Stuff.

Riddle me this:
"Don't Sweat the Petty things, and don't pet the Sweaty Things"
my 'High School' boyfriend (long story)  ALWAYS said this.
I thought it was DUMB until I went to BIKRAM YOGA for the first time on Wednesday.
So that was my something new this week.
If you want to read about other new things I have tried, this post is a fun one.

What else is happening in my life?
Well I've finally got on this Old Navy boat.
You know the one everyone, who is anyone is talking about (here, here, and here)
A couple of weeks ago I wanted some ON goodies (read here), and scored this dress, but I'm heading back this weekend on a mission for that $19 shirt Erin oodeled about.
I also think I want this gem to wear with boots (sans fur).

This weekend we had grand plans of doing something fun, because last weekend I was stuck in the office both days last weekend, but we'll likely just end up cleaning the garage (already started, currently have all the contents of the garage across the ENTIRE backyard) which is such a grown up thing to do, but once it's done it will be nice, and organized which will be such a relief.
The perks for being an adult, sometimes are less than thrilling.

So any hootsie tootes (I always wonder if you read this the way I say it, guess  a vlog may be in my future, although I am way scared of how weird I would look and sound).

Thank you for dropping by today.

And the answer to the question is no, I did not intentionally wear yellow and fabulous necklace in honor or Erin, although I'd like to think I was that clever and organized, but I'm just not. The shirt was a $7.38 super sale find at Target, I'm just obsessed with that place, and the necklace made my outfit look fancier than it was.

Happy Weekend.

Come 5:30 this will be happening.
And maybe a glass of wine, or three.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Oh, The Places You'll Go (Part 1)

Nope this is not a Doctor Suess post.
It's about my love for travel.

This will be the first post in my 'mini series' on traveling. 
Thursdays will mark a day that I tell you guys about a trip I've been on (be it domestic or international) what I did, and a funny story to go along with it.
Because goodness knows there's a story from every vacation.


Yes, I've lived locally my whole life, as I am sure you read about here, but I have been to my fair share of cities, countries, and states.

My Mom works in the airline industry (apparently it used to be much more fun and glamorous) but post 9/11 that aspect of the job went out the window, or so Mom says.

I have to say that her job is AWESOME!
When I was little we would go on trips all the time.  MYSTERY trips that is, she'd (Mom) tell us (the brother and I) to back our bags, and off we'd go.
I've seen roughly 30 of the fifty states, and started my international travels at 15 when I spent the summer studying in Germany.


Mom probably regrets sending me abroad so young, because the trip left me wanting more. 
Don't we All.
But my first day back from my study abroad trip, I hung a list of countries I wanted to visit on the family calendar.
And I started to knock them off one by one.

I'd work all year, and blow my annual income on one long international summer vacation.
I will say to me my travels were worth every.single.last.penny, and every sip of beer, piece of chocolate, or home made pasta.

The only country on the list 15 year old me made, is Greece, which will hopefully be checked off this coming summer, fingers crossed :)


Back on Topic.
Eight years and nine international trips later, I'm the luckiest girl in the world.
 I've seen this much of the world.
Places I have been a tourist in visited:
Check Republic
United Kingdom
New Zealand


My favorite part of travel is probably the food, just call me a fattie.
But to me, it's interesting to see what culture eat, when, and why.
I also enjoy watching their social structures and daily life (read: creepily sitting at a cafe watching people for extended periods of time).


1. Cairo, I spent two weeks over there, and probably experienced the most culture shock there, but as a blonde female I doubt you find that surprising.
2. Stonehenge. The rocks are just as random as you might think. You're driving on an empty freeway to no where (on the wrong side of the road) and all of a sudden you hit traffic, and see rocks!
3. London Eye. I've done it three times now, it never gets old.
4. Coldest Winter day of my life (excluding ski days). In Berlin posing near the infamous 'Fernseher Tower'.
5. Bungee Jumping in Queenstown New Zealand. Best adventure city ever, we also went jet boating.
6. With a 12 hour evening layover in Paris, this is what you do!!!
7. Remember my most recent international travel from when I first started blogging, here???


I have stories from my travel, all of which I don't want to bore you with, right now anyway.
Plus, by saving them you'll have something to look forward too!
Like when you found out why the police picked me up in Florence, when I slept next to a homeless man on a international border, and how I got kicked out of the Vatican.

Yup, all these stories are true.
 Just you wait, I'll share reveal them all sooner or later.


Where do you Want to go?

P.S. If you want any personal advice on any of these places, let me know. 
I'd be happy to chat your ear off about any of the above listed places.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Notebook & A Story of My Own

The Notebook was on TV last night, and despite the fact that I have seen it 193,230,401 times, I sat through the commercials to enjoy the love story.

Such a great movie.
And a reminder of how hot Ryan Gosling is.

But this post is supposed to be about my story. 
Where we met.
My love story. 

It's not a glamorous story, cough, we met at a bar, but it always makes me chuckle.

Let me set the scene for you.
Me: sober driver for a friends birthday
Him: out with friends, and lets just leave it at NOT the DD

Anyways there are five blondes sitting at a table, chit chatting, and what not: My girl friends are all prowling the bar searching for cuties to talk to when a blonde boy with scruff walked up to us and just sat down, making it clear he wasn't just 'dropping by'.  
He actually bought the birthday girl a drink.

As he and his group of friends stay and chat for a while, me, the sober driver, am less than impressed.  Who are these drunk fools?
Go away, I am too sober for this.

He's mumbling about something or another when he mentions he went to college in Colorado and skied, which naturally sparked my interest. 
 So I told him if he ever needed a ski buddy to let me know, and returned to my abrasive #iamtoosoberforthis cross armed position.

When we got up to leave he came over and told me, "I didn't want your friends number, I wanted yours," which I found hard to believe based on my stand off-ish vibe, but I obliged to  his drunk theory, and gave him my digits.  

Secretly I think it was just my self esteem boost of the day year.  
He was the first one to ask for number at a bar, EVER, in my entire life. 
Which is JUST totally embarrassing and sad to admit.

This is the part that we will forever disagree. I know that I am right, because I was the sober one.  He argues he is right, because he 'would never do something like give someone a fake last name and the right phone number'.

He had given me his real number, and what I am convinced was a false last name. 
Lets just say on our first date I was shocked to hear what his last name actually was, because it didn't match what I had soberly entered ten days before...I'm just sayin'.
But because both parties (he&I) think we know the real story, we will call in a truce.
Agree to disagree.

Fast Forward two days and ballsy me, texted him.
My text went something like,"Hey it's the crazy skier girl from the bar. Not sure if you remember, but I'd be happy to grab drinks like you suggested. Let me know if your interested."

He texted me back.
And he took me on a 'date' with his friends to the diveiest bar in town.
I guess I passed the 'test', because the next year and a half are history.

 Mexico. April 2012

But really he's the best thing that's happened to me.

Love is in the Details

There are many things I am compulsive about, we all have quirks.
my list includes:
Leaving dishes in the sink is not in my nature, it's none or all.
I can't go to sleep fuzzies between my toes.
Needing to find a song I like before I start driving, even if it's just around the block.
Eating my daily banana between 11am and 11:30am.
You know totally normal things...

(my drive to work, Rascal Flatts on the radio)

But if there's one thing I am very compulsive about, it's Thank You Notes.
That's right folks, the snail mail kind.

Call me old fashion, a brown noser, or a creature of habit, but I send a thank you for almost EVERYTHING.

My Mom always forced required that I write a thank you for every gift, ever when  I was little.
Her torture eventually wore off on me, and through High School I found myself writing Thank You's for the small things.

 This isn't prom, but it's still a fabulous picture from high school  :)

Moms love Thank You notes for things like: dinners at their house, or hosting prom photos, etc.
This is when I had a epiphany: This Thank You Note habit MIGHT just be a good thing.

Now I am of the opinion that nothing says, "I really care," more than a hand written card.
It's like a little slice of you being hand delivered to someones door.

Target and Marshalls are the best place to pick up cute packs of cards.
I recently got three different sets...I might have a stationary collection.
No judging.

It's the personal touch of handwritten doodles, and a custom salutation, and that fact that someone (whether you saw them or not) had to hand delivered the note that makes snail mail so special.
I always like drawing swirls and hearts the most.
If you get snail nail from me, you know what I am talking about.

Any can send an email, but not everyone sends a card.
Love is in the Details.

I wish I could write you all Thank You Notes.
A Thank you for supporting me through the beginnings of my blog space.

But I'll leave you with this.
My Monday, an evening of Thank You Noting and Journaling to Friends.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Me: On the iPhone

So I fell for the for iPhone update, but NOT the 5.
I'd like Apple to get all the kinks worked out before I drop a couple hundo's on a device that I'll be married to for at least two years. 

Because let's be honest, my phone goes with me EVERYWHERE.
But this comes as no surprise to those who are equally obsessed with blogging, instagram, and twitter.
I showering, my phones in the bathroom.
I'm sleeping my phone is less than two feet from my head.
I'm emailing at work, my phones next to my keyboard.
I'm outside with the pup, phones in my back pocket.
It's almost disgusting.

And am super digging the 'do not disturb' setting. If you haven't updated, or have fears of updating, this feature alone makes it worth it. 
 Read more about it here.

Also I think California missed the 'fall' memo.
It was 90 all week.
But I made an attempt via belt & scarf to welcome the new season!!

Hope you all had a GREAT weekend.
I spent mine at the office.
Oh and Lowes.
The joys of being a grown up...

Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday Letters

Dear Weekend,
For lack of a better works. 
Oh wait, I work tomorrow (@7am).
Buzz Kill.

Dear Elephant Mug,
You make every hot beverage taste better.
Probably because you are just too darned cute!!!

Dear Cold, 
That's enough.
Just go AWAY.

Dear Ice Cream,
We're 4/4 this week, dare we go for 5/5??

Dear Costco,
I am really considering the automatic sweeper you are featuring.
If it picks up dog hair, as well as you claim it does, I'm sold.
Next time I have $300 extra bucks laying around that I don't have the urge to spend on cute clothes and shoes, (likely never) I'll invest.

Dear PSL,
 Because I work tomorrow, and it's the weekend, and I am sick.
We have a (venti) date tomorrow.  

Dear DSW,
I used my birthday rewards this week.
On a pair of shoes I'd never thought I'd buy, but I am branching out.
Stay tuned to see them.

Dear Fall,
90 weather doesn't make me think of fall.
Nor does it let me dress like it, hurry and get here!!!

Sorry to bore you all with Friday Letters, but these are sometimes just notes for my sanity.
So thanks for stopping by, and I hope you have a fabulous weekend :)

Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Local Side of SBSL

When you grow up in the same town your mom grew up in, the same town that your parents met in, and the same town that your grandmothers (yes both), your family name (both my last name, and my mothers maiden name) is known.

For those of you that haven't already heard, I grew up, went to college, and now have my career all in the same town. 
Population 56, 000.

Some call is small, some say middle sized, but for a town that had no hospital when I was born, and just got a Target three years ago, I'd say it's pretty darn small.

It's hardly important when you are a younger, none of your friends know that your Mom grew up there, the most important thing is who has which American Girl doll, and who is the best pogo player

My father has been the president of Rotary and the Chair of the Chamber of Commerce, he runs the local bank.  Let's just say 'people know him'.  And my Mom was one of seven kids, and is the only one still local so most people know her family someway, somehow. 

I grew up in a cute town, where families do things together on the weekends, and neighborhoods are more like a large family than a place you live.  My Mom organized Easter Eggs hunts, and my brother and I walked to school from Kindergarten through 8th grade.

My bike was my friend, and in middle school I biked nearly everywhere, downtown, the movies, to friends houses, the grocery store, etc.

All of which I totally enjoyed, I didn't have to rely on my parents to cart of me places.

People, 'the locals', and my friends often ask me if I am interested in leaving.
(Side Note: I just moved one town over (15min drive), but I still work there.)

My answer is, "I'm Happy".

Yes I lived in the same town age 0-23, yes I went to college less than 2 miles from where my parents lived (but got a top of the line education), yes I have never lived 'far away' from my parents, but I feel great about it.

I'm happy, healthy, and having fun. 
I enjoy my job and love the social networks and support systems I have.
The people that ask me occasionally leave the impression that I have been living under a rock and don't get out and do things, meet people, or have fun.  BUT they are wrong.

I have enjoyed every bit of my life, and don't think that geographic location is really important.
I wouldn't change my 'localness' for the world. 

Just call me 'The Local Girl'

Monday, September 17, 2012

What I Wore: Remember When I Wanted This?

Remember a week or two ago when I was talking about how Old Navy had cute things, here???
Well ironically (or the Old Navy Gods were watching me, you decide which) it was Old Navy's birthday, and they had a 20% off their entire website sale, so what did this gal do?
Yup, you bet. Invested.

This dress was totally cute online and in stores (which does not happen every time), and a small fit me.  Let me say that again in case you didn't get it the first time, a SMALL fit me.
  I haven't been a small since, well about fourth grade, so not sure if they are just trying to make me feel good about myself, or what the deal was. But I'm going with it.

I was planning on pairing this in fall with boots, but got too anxious for fall weather (it's still in the 90's here) so I decided to wear it earlier.

Dress//Old Navy $19.90 (on sale)
Wedges//Target $24.99
So needless to say Old Navy is back on my radar. 
And I'm on their email list. So the feelings in our relationship are apparently mutual.

The Girl I Wanted To Be

So I am not the biggest sports follower.
Allow admittedly, I do think it makes girls wayyyyy more attractive.
I always wanted to be that girl that knew who was drafted and in which round, who won the big game last night, and who rocked a fantasy league with the best of 'em.

But I'm just not.

I have actually grown to be less knowledgeable as I have gotten older.  Let me divulge.
Growing up I always had my dad and brother who would watch ESPN before they went off to work and school, respectively, so I had a vague idea of teams, players, etc.  When I left for college I was no longer forced privileged enough to have ESPN playing in the background of most day to day activities. 

This is not to say that I am sports illiterate now, I enjoy following teams, knowing what's going on, and watching games just like te rest of us. 
But I don't wait for football season like like little kids wait for Christmas.

When I was invited to join my boyfriend family at the niners game this weekend- I was totally excited about going, BUT I had no gear.

If I know anything about tailgating I know that no proper tail gater shows up at the tailgate dawning anything aside from team apparel. And when target let me down (for the first time in a long time) and didn't have the normal selection of local team gear. I was flat out of luck.

I wasn't saved by the bell, but I was saved by my boyfriends sister and her husband who decked me out with a shirt and sweatshirt so I wouldn't look like the outlier in the gold and red BBQ'ed and flag filled parking lot.

Here's some pictures from the Game. These were taken with my new toy (that I'm sure you all read about here).

And these were taken with my iPhone. 

 Don't I fit in???
Good news is you don't have be the biggest fan to enjoy the tail gate brews and BBQ, stadium food, and bright lights.

I now know whey men will always love Sunday Night Football!!!

Weekend Wrap Up

Here are some snapshots from the weekend.

You know when two day weekends feel like three day weekends??
Or does that never happen to you?

It had never happened to me before but then this weekend it did.

Some weekend fun facts.

I ate three servings of red velvet cake in less than 24 hours. One of which was consumed in bed... for breakfast. (hashtag- fattie)

Target duped us for another $500. But can you blame a gal when Field Crest Sheets are on sale, and you need a matching fall quilt to go with it??

We rocked out a tailgate and NFL. You'll see more about this Experience tomorrow. 

We took more pictures together than we ever have- and this is still the best one we came up with. What does this say about us??

And for the kindle update- I just finished this book, I was actually disappointed with the ending.  It was like the ending of Castaway. It sucked. So I just made up my own ending and pretended that it went EXACTLY as I wanted it to go.  Can you say dream world anyone?

Friday, September 14, 2012

Friday Letters

Dear Birthday,
You've come and gone. Thanks for treating me well. Let's hope 24 is just as fabulous!

Dear Niners,
You ready for us this weekend? We're ready for some NFL!!!

Dear Mom,
Apple pies are best when you make them. I am certain this will always remain true.

Dear Stephy,
Happy Birthday

Dear Petco,
Business hours are for business people. You should open earlier so business people like me can go before work to avoid going after and hitting traffic on the way home. Grr

Dear Carrots,
I love the way you crunch!!! So satisfying!

Dear Target,
I now have a leopard shoe for every season!!! Can you blame a girl?
Dear End of Summer Sniffle,
Go away.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

My New Friend

Everyone meet my new friend.

New friend meet everyone.

Here is our first picture together.

The answer to your question is:
Yup, I need some camera classes.

Happy Thursday

P.S. Thanks babe for and awesome birthday present. You're the best!!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

What I Wore: All Things Alisa Style

I LOVE the ideas some of you fellow bloggers put together.
And Alisa is one of them.
She and I have some scary similarities in style.
Her post on Monday, here, is basically a replica of what I have in my closet.

Anyways back to the point of this post.
She (Alisa) put together the idea of Barganista
Outfits under $50
And I figured I'd give it a try.


Shirt//Express $9.99
Jeans//F21 $10.30
Shoes//Steve Madden via Marshalls $11.99
Bracelets//F21 $3.50
Earrings//Target $3.98

And honestly if you want cheap, cute, comfortable skinnies.
F21 is the place to go.  
Note: If you get the jean ones, wash them BY THEMSELVES for the first three washes or else all your coloreds will be hinted blue.  Still one of my faveys for $10.30

Monday, September 10, 2012

Find me a Find

I spent some time at Target, Marshalls, and Ross this weekend.
And found some goodies for the house.
We are 'in the process' (long process) of decorating, and I was trying to pick a few things out.

First I got distracted by THESE leopard socks. $3 well spent!!
They will be so full of sass under boots this winter.
 Found this vase/mug/thingy-ma-bob at Ross for $11.99 I figured it could be decorative on some table or nightstand.
 This artwork was at Marshalls for $29.99 I like the simplicity, the nature, and the color scheme.
Where should it go??? Hall?? Bedroom???
 This clock was $16.99 at Marshalls, and will likely live on a dresser or bookshelf. 
I just liked the detail.

This art was on sale at Target for $20 bucks so it had to come home with me.
Dainty right?
And where should this friend live??
I will find a place.

Also, question.  Where does one find decorative things (small things) for a bathroom.
Candle holders would be too much (read: we already have those in our bedroom, pictured below clearly next to the TV).
I found a vase the other day but it seemed too, ehhhh I dunno.
Help folks. 
What would you decorate this space counter top with??
I am thinking we need something to the Left of the sink.
You think??
Your opinions please!!!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Up Up and Away: The Weekend

This weekend was the airshow.
I told you guys about it here.

I love air shows- this is the second year my boyfriend and I have gone to this one together. 
Added bonus every year it falls right around my birthday!!

My uncle flew in air shows when I was younger, so I grew up around them, and have enjoyed them ever since.  Last year, my entire family attended an air show.

Epic fail on my part, I did not bring sunscreen.  But Kaiser came through in the clutch with a Sun Screen bar complete with extra large ketchup sized bottles of SPF.

So thanks to Kaiser for saving my shoulders, legs, feet, and ears from the red lobster look.

Here are some snap shots of show.
Clearly, I am not the worlds BEST photographer, but I am workin' on that. 
 (Along with a zillion other things)

I hope you all had a FABULOUS weekend!!!

Copy Cat - That's Me

I am probably behind the times, but I JUST found the blog. 

What She Wore 365 
(link here)
If you haven't wandered over there yet, I recommend it.
She tells you where and when she got most outfit components.
And honestly like every single outfit she has put together.  They look like normal, 'I could put that together outfits'.  You know sometimes (i.e. daily) you see the outfits on blogs that are too cute for words, or totally put together that often make you, (okay well I can't speak for you but...) feel like you are the least fashionable person on the West side of the Mississippi.

So I decided I was going to copy a comfy cute look that she put together.

Not suite as cute, but I'll get there.