Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Changes and a Chance to Win $150

I blinked.
And there went; 2013 gone.
It's already Thanksgiving, and I've got a whole heck of a lot to be thankful for.

2013 marked a big year in my life.
I spent the first five months as normal me, and was blessed to become an Auntie in June.
My best friend and for all other purposes sister got married in August, and I gave a speech about her life and friendship. Try wrapping 24 years into five minutes, now that's a task.
September marked a quarter century. Holy shizzle-nit. I am getting old.
And November brought another new title of Fiance, and a nephew that couldn't be more perfect.

So I stopped to ask myself. Have I lost myself in all this craziness.
Some could arguably say I have (see above), but I'd like to think I've just come that much closer to defining my character.

Now what may change is your life, or shopping budget when you enter to win this $150 gift card.
Get on entering.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Advice to for the Days Post Engagement

First and foremost. Thank you to all your love and support. I still can't believe it's real (both my life and engagement), and I've been rockin' the ring for nearly a week.  Please note this picture was taken on the day of my engagement, just before it happened, hence no ring.

A week already. Holy Blazin' Saddles. I need to get things rollin', but seriously.

So here are some words from the wise. Except I'm not 'the wise', so here are some tips on days post engagement from me.

Go ahead and call your office and let them know you won't be in for a day or two; you'll be on the phone. Those venue calls and emails may make you crazy, but are so damn necessary. Take good notes ladies. They (the venues) mean business. Also if I haven't emailed you back (that's all of you, lets be honest), it's because I've been emailing venues.  But I'm coming up for air and will be returning them shortly ;).

Remind yourself that you are not dreaming, and that the ring too is real. And then remind yourself that yes, you are in fact some one's fiance.  Because it's just plain awesome.

Your family. Don't forget about them. They all want to know and share your exciting news. Embrace the love and support they extend to you.  Then meet with them to give them your venue information (ASAP) and start making decisions; the earlier the better.

Look cute, because everyone who knows you is going to want to see the ring talk to you about the engagement, but let's not lie probably see the ring. You DON'T want to be looking a mess. I'm just sayin'.

Just smile and embrace it.  This time if never going to come again.

Also, yes catch yourself looking down at your finger for a few too many seconds, because your ring catches the light and your eye so perfectly.  There ain't nothing wrong with loving it.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Is this Real LIfe?

So I teased you yesterday about exciting news.
Here is my news.
As for the story,  that's something that is ours to keep forever.
Rest assured it was perfection in every, single, way.
Still not believing life is real.
But trying to enjoy each second.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Lake Dog.

So this is Zoey looked like chasing the ball BEFORE she saw the lake, and went STRAIGHT for it. It was only 19 degrees. I kid you not- that girl is such a water dog.
And what else happened this weekend?
Well A WHOLE heck of a LOT.
And for that you will have to wait 'til tomorrow.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Longing for the Mountains

I spent the entire work day yesterday (all eight hours of it) in the same conference room with two back to back meetings, and a furry of inhaling my lunch and sending the worlds longest email in between.  Talk about long day, I am clearly not cut out for cubical or clerical work.  Today I am back to my office for more Friday hustle and bustle until I bust out at 3:30 (if all goes as planned) for a weekend in the mountains. My favorite.
No there is not this much snow, YET, this picture is from last year Zoey's first snow adventure, and it was too cute not to share again.  Sorry for the repeat.

When packing for this weekend, I may have gone a bit overboard. Somehow three pair of jeans (and leggings too), six shirts, three scarves, two pair of boots and three jackets jumped in my suitcase. Whoopsies....the things that happen when I don't have a carry on size restraint or lb. limit.

And what are we going to do this weekend? We'll probably have grand ideas of going to get our annual season pass pictures taken, walking around looking perfectly mountain cute like this pinspired look.  But in all reality, I'll probably spend a ton of time in my Uggs and leggings by the fire, and drinking more than one three of the micro brews at the local brewery and restaurant.

It's going to be the perfect fall weekend, and a great way to share time together before the craziness of Thanksgiving (the middle child Holiday) and all the family members!

Oh my goodness. Only three more HOURS.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

What you Should be Buying Right now!!!

I spent the better half of last night browsing the endless pages of F21, Old Navy, and Nordstrom website. Because what else do you do when your better half is still under the weather, and in bed at 6:30 right. Totally normal.

I compiled a very thorough list of things I want need want.

Starting with this lovely sparkle top. Summer with white jeans and wedges, winter with a bondage skirt, tights and boots. Yes please.

This houndstooth sweater that looks like a socially acceptable way to wear a blanket in public and to work. Sign me up yesterday.

These leggings got five star reviews and are on sale. Um again why were these not always in style. The comfort, oh the comfort.

And wearing said leggings with this ombre top, might be the closest thing I come to ombre. Although I'd love to do  my hair, I am afraid it will look weird on my short locks? Thoughts? Regardless this shirt is spot on.

Booties for days is my motto this season. Or at least I would like to think so. I have two pair from Target, an old pair from Nordstrom and counting.  Thinking these Olive ones might be a nice addition. With jeans and a loose sweater. I die inside.

Layering up with a big jacket in the cold is also awesome. This leopard gem is no exception. Now just get in my closet.

And a stylish Thanksgiving sweater could easily double as belly cover up in style is perfection. 

I am sure I saw more.
But these are the ones that made the 'official' blog list.
What are you craving?

Monday, November 11, 2013

The Little One

Now I know you are probably thinking I stole this photo from a 'how to parent' website, but I didn't. This was real life this weekend.  My niece was here, but you probably already knew what I was up to.

Aside from spending most all weekend together, and sharing 139,204 hugs and 194,731 kisses with the little one, I went on a 9 mile run, nursed a sick boyfriend back to health sorta (I hope), took my bridesmaids dress to the tailor, and finally took my camera off manual mode.  And that's just when I captured this precious moment. 

While it's far from perfect, out of focus, and somewhat out of contrast. It's progress.  Which is really all I'm asking for.

As per my niece. Well shes nothing short of perfection and in the three days shes been here, shes laughed, smiled, and whimpered twice.  Not bad for a five month old.  If it's genetic then I guess I might be in luck when we decide to have little ones, but something tells me ours won't be quite as perfect.

We're heading to breakfast before they get on the plan in a couple of hours, and saying goodbye to that little face isn't going to be easy.  Can't they just move closer? But I am for sure thankful for the time that we got to spend together, and I can't wait to see her again.  Something about her smile just stole my whole heart.

P.S. Been inspired by Nadine, and pretty sure these will be happening this week. I can only resist for so long.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Why Thanksgiving is the Middle Child of Holidays

Thanksgiving is the 'token' middle child.
I'll explain.

On November first all the stores go from Halloween Headquarters to Christmas galore, forgetting almost completely about Thanksgiving. My personal favorite Holiday.

Who doesn't want to celebrate a Holiday that reminds us all of what we have to be thankful for, and allows you to eat nearly three times the daily recommended calories in one sitting, including apple pie? It's what I call the mecca. But lets not lose focus.
Walking Apple pie. The Best.
When Halloween comes around, everyone is excited! Neighborhoods are super spirited with decorated porches, carved pumpkins, and the coolest or most original costumes. Much like the first child. The parents to be spend weeks decorating the nursery, finding the perfect 'take home outfit', and gathering all the other necessary baby supplies.  They are excited to start their little family.

Then Thanksgiving is here, the Holiday that is based on feelings, including but no limited to, thankfulness, appreciation, gratitude, and the list goes on. Similar to how you hear families talk about their second child.  'We're so blessed', 'Couldn't be more happy', 'So much to be thankful for'.

And when Christmas finally gets here, everyone forgets about Halloween, and Thanksgiving and is just excited to be in the giving spirit, but also to have the long string of Holidays over (no I'm not forgetting about New Years). The last of the major Holidays to round out what has felt like a three month marathon, which is the third child.

If, for the sake of the analogy, you've finally made it to New Years, and you have yet another kid, well you're already in a league of your own here. And I've got nothing for you.

And when people talk about the 'Holidays' they start with Halloween, and jump right over to Christmas without even skipping a beat.  Yeah Thanksgiving might not be the most entertaining Holiday, but it's a Holiday none the less, and again any day that I get paid to sit around eat, drink, and eat some more with family and friends is the best in my book.

And while I am not a middle child, I imagine this is how a middle child often feels, just like Thanksgiving.  And while I am the youngest, that wouldn't be half bad.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Secrets Do Make Friends....

Hey girl heyy loyal Stay Blonde Ski Local readers! I'm Tami and I blog over at Friday Morning Buzz. Today Kaylin and I decided to share stories about our "secrets". Well, you might not know this about me--in fact, if you're reading this, you might not know me at all. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Tami, and I'm a total basket case.

Struggle bus. Front row.
You see, from the outside, I kiiiind of look like I have my shit together. I have a full-time big girl job (just got a new one, in fact). I take care of a rambunctious pup, two very particular felines, and one lovable piece of work I call a boyfriend. Most days I show up on time, get my recommended four servings of vegetables, and sometimes even put a few miles on my running shoes. But most of the time, under it all, I'm one hot ass mess.

Exhibit A: We're going out to dinner on a Friday night. Should be a blast, right? Wrong. I want Mexican. John wants BBQ (again). We go back and forth for a few minutes, and he gives in. Great, right?! Wrong again. Why don't we just do BBQ like you wanted, babe? Actually, I really don't want pulled pork again. I really want soft tacos. But, no, it's your turn to choose. But I reallllly want tacos!

What should be a mindless decision turns into a long, drawn out, torturous affair to which my boyfriend finally throws his hand up in the air says something like 'What do you WANT me to say right now?!'

The truth is, I have no idea. I really don't.

Take another example, after my first day of work earlier this week. The day had gone smoothly--perfectly, even. But when I got home, I just started to fall apart. Our landlord was there waiting at the door, wanting to get inside with a bunch of gear to finish painting a wall. The dog was jumping around like an utter madman, as if my calves had suddenly turned into juicy steaks he needed to devour immediately. The phone was blowing up with calls from my mom, John, and friends, checking in to see how my first day went. To top it all off, when I reached in the fridge to grab the ice cold beer I'd been dreaming about all day, the Landshark box was empty.

And I just lost it. Right there in the living room of our rental house, apropos of nothing at all catastrophic, I broke down in tears. Who does that? I do.

Is this a cry for help? Maybe. But more likely it's me looking for a little validation, for someone to throw back all the crazy I'm putting out there there and tell me I'm not the only one who will go to the mall, buy something, get home, decide I hate what I bought, go back to return it, and decide to keep the damn thing after all. Men are right. Women are crazy. Or maybe it's just me.

So that's my secret. Under this put-together office ensemble is a raving lunatic who spent fifteen minutes looking for her car keys and also probably forgot to put on deodorant. You're welcome.

If you're a little cray cray too, you can read more of my antics here.

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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

This Little Face

If I could look this cute in stripes and pumpkin hat, all while gnawing on my fingers, I would totally do it. Minus the finger gnawing part, maybe.  Somehow I don't think that it'd be quite as flattering on me.  This little one, oh and her parents (my brother and sister in law) are coming to visit this weekend. And I'm ready to give her 2,492,731 hugs, and twice as many kisses. 

I mean, that face.

I'm also ready to see her in the adorable leopard jeans I bought her at Target, that I just couldn't resist, which I am sure her Mom is thrilled about.  I might even wear my leopard jeans and be super matchy matchy, you never know.

Although we are a airplane ride or eight long driving hours away from the three of them, I am determined to make my mark at the 'coolest Aunt ever' by drowning her in fun and cute things forever. Or maybe until I have kids of my own. Time will tell.

Among other things I am excited about these days.
The list is long.

Starting with:
A weekend in the mountains
Our new mailbox
Painting the Front door
The wedding
Finishing the Deck
The pumpkin bread I just made
And my new vest
My kindle
and the onset of Ski Season

I can't wait.