Thursday, November 29, 2012

Magic is Everywhere

Magic is everywhere if you know where to look.

I'm headed here today.

I'll be back on Sunday.

Simple and Happy as that!!!!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

In the Spirit of Giving

This weekend Express had a sale.
a BIG sale.
Probably their biggest sale of the year.

And I went.

I got a few gifts for family and friends, and grabbed a pair of jeggings (goodness I love those things) for myself.

Now let me do a play by play.
I'm in line (following the red line tape on the floor)
Waiting to make my purchases

I'm thinking about who is getting what
What boxes I'm going to use to wrap which gift
and Doing 'final browsing' in the bins near the line 
(which get my almost every time, dame express lip gloss)

I make my gift purchases in one transaction
(in attempts to keep finances some sort of organized this month)
And ring my jeans on another

And JUST before I swipe my card
but JUST after she'd removed the magnetic tag
I decide those jeggings are selfish
I don't NEED them
I want them

So I walked out of Express without them

Which made me happy

That's it for today.
Just a small story I thought I'd share.
Happy Wednesday!!!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

What I Wore: Blue & Gold Edition

So I told you this skirt would show up many more times on this little blog of mine.
Because it's JUST that awesome.
Remember last time I wore it to my employee appreciation event here???

Well I wore it this time to a work luncheon. 
That was University themed.
So I rocked the colors of my University, and whipped out as much blue and gold as I own.
Which isn't a lot, because I had to borrow this cardigan.
And we all know, I love me some cheetah/leopard flare.

Here it is folks my blue and gold extravaganza.


Thanks for stopping by.
Hope you all had a great day!!!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Our First Christmas Tree

It's back to work today...
But it's okay because this week was awesome.

Tons of family
My brother and sister in law were in town.
Great food
Left Overs
Soup Left Overs
Watched movies (plural)
Good shopping Deals 
Lots of Pictures
Got my Shark steam floor cleaner for a great deal
We're on the countdown to Christmas

Here's a shot from our weekend

Now moving on to Christmas decorations.
Last year we just missed the Christmas tree boat.
I was gone the weekend after Thanksgiving and three weekends in December.
So needless to say our house was lacking Holiday.

This year things were going to change.
And they did.

Our tree is already up.

I spent Saturday night drinking wine, hanging ornaments, listening to music, and playing games.
What more could a girl ask for on a weekend??

Happy Back to Work Lovelies!

Friday, November 23, 2012

2002 Throw Back & BF (Black Friday)

So Black Friday has come and gone.
And I actually went out shopping at approximately 11:15am.
I was not sure any sale was worth sardine-ing myself through doors, and shoving myself in lines.
But I headed to the trusted Target to see if the Shark heat floor mop was on sale.
And Boom it was.
And I saved $40.
Thank You Very Much!!!

P.S. (Pre- Script) See that 'top knot'/bun. Yeah that took me 14 times to get right.
No but seriously, 14....that's embarrassing.

Somehow I feel like when I have more than three days off of work for a Holiday, I feel like I am in school again.
Time off....say what???
Gotta love that.

Anyways Thanksgiving was awesome.
This was my "Thanksgiving Eve" outfit.
So next time you see me, I might look 4 servings of mashed potatoes and two pieces of pie heavier.
No judging.

Also I feel like vests have come full circle.
I bought mine my freshman year of HIGH SCHOOL.
Which was nine years ago.
So I guess I kept it in my closet long enough for it to go out of style and then come back.

My Mom said this would happen.
I just didn't think I would be under 30 when it happened.
I mean neon made a come back too...
Who knew?

Also anyone else get in on that 50% off Express Sale??
That was like Christmas early.

Happy Christmas Music Season
I'm Already signing along to Celine and Michael Buble.
No judging.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Things to be thankful for

Okay let's be honest Thanksgiving is such a neglected holiday.
Also lets be honest I'm never up past ten on week nights- but this coffee is really getting to me...

Target totally forgot about it this year and skipped right from Halloween to Christmas.
But don't worry friends I got my Thanksgiving cards in the mail already.

Anyways I realize there is too much to be thankful for this year. Too much to write in this blog post, or maybe right down at all.

When I begin to think of how blessed I am, it is often overwhelming. I'm thankful for most everything that has happened this year, because it has taught me so much.

I'm thankful for a everything I've learned about myself, while it makes me feel less self centered- helps me stretch my limits.

Funny how relationships can grow, test, and reward you in ways you never thought possible, for the better (of course).

Simple how a wagging tail and face licking can turn a bad day into a smiling face.

Ironic how living with someone you love is like having a sleepover with your best friend every night. Which is awesome, even if you don't get to stay up watching movies and sharing secrets til midnight because you have to go to work in the morning.

Rewarding, how families can be so accepting, understanding, guiding, and forgiving all while loving you unconditionally.

Special how siblings are just the perfect rational balance to the irrational thoughts that you have on a semi normal basis.

Awesome that 2012 has come and gone and I'm happier than ever.

Thanks to all those we have been a part of this year.

But even a bigger thanks to all those who help make me so thankful!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

What I Wore: Monotone Edition

It's finally feeling like winter around here, and mountains (2 hours away) are getting snow, which hopefully means we're going to have a good ski season.

I'm getting really excited because my brother and his wife are in town for an entire week.
Today it's her birthday and we're going out a birthday dinner with a group.
Then more family togetherness this week.
It's often too much shoved into such a short period of time. 
But I'm excited to spend time with them none the less.

This little grey and black outfit was a day of again simplicity.
And not too many creative juices.

Check out this 'artistic' shot.
Most blogger do stuff like this and look so cute.
Me I look like a goof ball.
Never again.

Shirt// random eBay seller. 
Happy Tuesday that feels like a Thursday.
Gotta Love these Holidays.

P.S. I really better get Christmas Shopping.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Wine and Meatballs

Gel manicure #2 is even better than the first.
Mostly because it still looks perfect after 2 hours which is more than my 'homemade' manicure would say.

This weekend was another weekend of house things.
Mostly cleaning house things.
Which is no fun, but it sounds it must be done.

Also it rained all weekend which meant that I didn't want to do anything outside.
And by anything I mean I didn't even want to walk to my car.

But I came home on Friday to home made Spaghetti and Meatballs.
This recipe is similar to the one he used
So I lied to all of you, it wasn't ready when I got home.  But my boyfriend was making it, and didn't ask me to do anything, I am writing as if this isn't normal but it is( #imightbeatadspoiled). So I opened a bottle of wine and had a glass, or two, okay and maybe more than that. 

We also had a Sorry competition.
Four plus games, and I lost EVERY SINGLE ONE.
But that's okay because I drown my sorrow in delicious bread with garlic butter.
Hello carb fest, nice to meet you.

Anyways by then I had had too much wine so I reported to bed without passing go or collecting $200.
Because it was raining, I didn't even feel bad about staying in on Friday.
It was easily much more fun than going out would have been.

 Does anyone else just love to stay at home when it rains???

Friday, November 16, 2012

Friday Letters

Dear Blogs I Stalk,
This made me laugh.

Dear Nadine,
Thank you.

Dear Manicure,
This gel stuff is for reals. I got my second one this week.
And feel great about it.

Dear Gettin' Active,
I was true to my word. Four pre work work outs this week. Loving this.

Dear Taboo,
Such a weird show. If you haven't watched. Try it out.

Dear PSL,
We're trying the K cup version at the office, they just don't compete with Starbucks.

Dear Life,
Oh, exciting stuff in store.

Dear Roomba Jar,
We've reached the $120 mark. Only $200 more to go.

Dear Zoey,
You're adorable. Look at this.

Rainy weekend in store for us.
But it's a weekend none the less.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Double thumbing Perspective

I am such a double thumb-er.
I can't navigate the iPhone with one hand or my fingers.
Simply impossible.

So anyways, I've given many different aspects of my life thought recently, as I am sure we all have as we approach the Holiday season.

I've been thinking about trivial things, materialistic things, work things, personal things, dumb things, and the list goes on.

But I got stuck on personal things. Especially after reading this post over at Mama Laughlin. (I have tried to stop reading her blog but I just can't help myself)
More specifically just how much time I spend doing things for myself.

I wake up and go running which is my me relax time. And while I run to stay fit and trim for me a little part is for my boyfriend too. So I guess it's not 100% selfish.
I prepare my lunch. For me to enjoy.
I go to work.
Maybe go to lunch with a friend if I want to.
I get the occasional (cough what is becoming a bi monthly) manicure. And pedicure.
I run errands and pick things up that I like.
I get my hair done.
I blog.

You get the idea.

Looking at all this just gets me frustrated. Frustrated with myself not giving more to others.

But let's be honest in this day and age the 'me' mentality is what is taught, reiterated, and demonstrated.

I think we can all often be found guilty of the situation. Which reminds us we are only humans, not creatures of perfection (although I'd like to think I am perfect).

So this is something I am going to work to be more aware of- other people. Not just do things when I can, but be more aware of others needs and less of my own.

I've been working on it for a while now. But still am not as good as I would like to be.
I will say, boyfriend, this is something you have made me MUCH more aware of.
Thank you for that.

And on that note boyfriend, I know I'm not perfect, but thanks for being patient with me, and teaching me more about myself than anyone ever could.

And on that note.
I got myself a PSL this morning.

Guess I have more work to do than I thought...

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Taking That Step

So I have NEVER jumped on the Ugg wagon.
Not sure how I avoided it since eight grade, but I have.
I just always thought they were so ugly (especially when those darned high school kids paired them with a jean skirt, please) and so darned expensive.

Admittedly I have never even tried a pair on.
And this my friends is where I have heard my mistake lies.
Everyone who owns a pair says they are just the most comfortable things well EVER.

So after years and years and years of not owning a pair I have added them to my Christmas list.

If I don't get a pair for Christmas. 
I think I am going to buy them myself.
I can totally support warm, comfy 'shoes'
Perfect for house lounging, short errands, and cozy-ing up by the fire.
Yup sign me up.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Saw It, Pinned It, Copied It

So lets be honest only .00000027% of our population is as bangin' as Cameron Diaz. 
Thus I am not as bangin' as she is, but I do admire her fashion.
Most of the time her stuff is way unattainable (read I could NEVER pull that off, EVER)
 But I finally found this outfit that I had all the 'ingredients' to make.
Granted it's not quite as cute as hers, but I tried.
So here it is.

Also if you were wondering what I was going to do with my hair from this post.
Well I think I am going to grow it out.
Not too long though.
Just a little two or three inches longer than it is now.
It's official.

Oh and I may add some honey low lights too.
We shall see.
Happy Tuesday!!!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Friday Letters

Dear Pattern Mixing,
I'm a virgin, be kind.

Dear Pizza Dinner,
We've had four different pizzas this week. And I am totally okay with it. Pizza never lets me down.

Dear Gel Manicure,
Remember my first manicure from this post?? Well they still looks awesome great. I'll be getting a new one next week. Don't even worry about it.

Dear Zoey, 
You're getting better. One step forward three steps back. But progress is progress. I'll take it.

Dear Pitch Perfect,
You were even better the second time. Find review here. Congrats, I will be investing once it comes out in stores.

Dear Guest Room,
Welcome back!!! Hard to believe how much stuff used to be stored in there.  Looks so great clean and put together!!!

Dear Mom, 
It's totally normal to text children at 3:30am when you go to work :( Not. But I am so happy that you are going to have weekends off.  No one deserves it more than you.

Dear Nadine,
Archie is adorable. He'll be big before you know it. Enjoy it.

Dear Lazy Weekend,
I think I'll do Christmas Shopping, some 'chores', and read. 
How awesome do I sound???

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Normal, Normal, Normal

What is normal these days anyways.
I've honestly lost track.

After High School some of my friends went to college, some didn't.
In college some of my friends had boyfriends, some did not.
After college some of my friends stayed in the area, some did not.

Who is one to say what normal is.
I feel like we should really be doing things that feel natural.
When I say natural, I am absolutely not sayin' don't challenge yourself.
Because you should always be setting and working towards goals.
Testing personal limits to achieve them, etc.

But that should feel natural.
But natural as in, what feels right for you.
What feels like it fits.

But back to NORMAL:
I often find myself thinking about things like.
Do I have a normal job??
Do other people my age do these things?
Do I make a normal amount of money?
Do other people do this??

But at the end of the day WHY does ANY of this matter?
Well ladies. 
It doesn't.

And that's what I have to keep in mind. Always.
I doesn't matter what other people are doing.
It only matters that you are happy with what you are doing.

So what I have come to learn is that normal is a whole spectrum of things.
Normal is doing what you need, want, and feel natural doing.

Rhetorical, probably.
But it doesn't hurt to have a healthy dose of reminding ourselves that what we're doing is totally fine.

And, I know what you are thinking.
Zoey is abnormally cute.
You're right. 
She is.

Thursday all day.
Enjoy it.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

What I Wore: Old Navy Again!!!

I just can't get enough of Old Navy these days.
Remember this post???
Honestly, it's almost out of control.
When did they get so cute???
BUT this time I had Old Navy cash, always a bonus, more for less.

I know I am breaking the rule of no white jeans after Labor Day, from what I read that rule is out the window this year.  Additionally, I bought these jeans last November and they are 'winter white', so I feel like they are A OKAY. 
 But maybe not.

Boots//Madden Girl circa 2010 Jeans//Express Shirt//Old Navy

I scored this chombary shirt, which is darker than my other one.
Great for a shirt and over shirt.
And it will be great with jeans, jeggings, maxi's, and pretty much ANYTHING.
Seriously what did we do before Chombary and leggings?

Also these boots are awesome. 
I've had them for two years already, and I still love them just as much as I did when I got them.
Zappos always delivers.

Can't believe how fast 2012 has gone by???
I feel like I was just in Vegas for new years last year.
 Guess time flies when you are having fun.

2012 has been a great year.
A growing year.
More to come one this.
 Happy Tuesday!!!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Now Seeking: Hair Advice

Okay so I have reached this 'stuck point' with my hair.
You know what the stuck point is, because you've had it before.
It's where you don't know whether to dye it, cut it, let it grow, get bangs, or go all natural.

I've done the long and blonde.

Then I cut it


Then I cut it again.


It's finally growing out again, kinda...

But I don't know what to do.

Two seconds later I think bangs, but I just finished growing these out.

So I was thinking maybe I shouldn't 'undo' what I just did.

So what do you think I should do???
I'm leaning towards low lights (still blonde, duh) and grow it out.



Thursday, November 1, 2012

Quest for a Coloring Book

So it's totally normal to like coloring books in college right???

Good, because that means its not totally abnormal to buy a Disney Princess coloring book, in Venice while on vacation right?
Well that's a relief.

This would be this weeks travel edition story.
Read more stories here, here, here, and here

Did I mention said coloring book set me back about 22euro/$30bucks???
Yeah guess it really does cost a lot to get things through the canal and in to the stores.

Well anyways I was on one my month long Euro-wander trips with my very best friend, we're talking people call us sisters, when we decided we NEEDED (remember this post on wants and needs, this was a need) something to pass the time while riding the train from country to country, and city to city. And naturally the only thing we could agree upon was a Disney Princess Coloring Book.
 #totally normal

Okay so we might look a little bit alike...

Now the quest: Where to find this item in Europe, Venice none the less. Probably the city least likely to have one of all the cities we visited, lets just be honest.  
Our quest was kind of like looking for a needle in a haystack.

But low and behold, we found one. In the second bookstore we went into.

The funny part about this book is, we decided to make it the 'perfect' coloring book, naturally as college students we took all our work seriously. So we'd discuss what colors to make everything, scrape our childhood brains to remember, always use the same colored pencils, etc. You get the idea.

 But a perfect coloring book takes a while to complete, so four years and two college graduations later, we're still working on it. We're now on two coasts thanks to her PhD program, but we are still coloring the book 'together'.
 Ok, so the coloring book might not be perfect, but it's pretty darn awesome if you ask me.

She'll color a page, then send me the book, and the colored pencils.
I color a page, send the book (and pencils) back to her.
You get the picture.

Anyways moral of this story is...
I will never be too old to enjoy the simplicity of coloring and princesses.