Thursday, May 9, 2013

A Closer Look...

Yup, I'm that girl who accidentally schedueled two posts to go the same day yesterday.
That's just embarrassing, seriously who does that??
I must have been blogging while drinking beer super excited about this post.
So if you saw this post yesterday it was just a tease, and here it is for reals!!!!
First off, I want to make it CLEAR that is not my room.
I wish I had space to leave stuff on the floor in 'my room' (it's really our room), but we don't,
 so I don't, admittedly it's probably for the better.

Some of you might wonder some deeper secrets about me, or you're not wondering, and I am just going to tell you more about myself anyways.  So here are ten random facts about me, in no particular order at all.
My front right tooth (left for your eyes) is fake.  I chipped my tooth out with my umbrella (long story there) in seventh grade.  It took the dentist to make one that matched my teeth perfectly.  It even fell out once when I was in Barcelona (full story here).  Basically I am really fun at a black light party.
I went to the same High School as my parents (where they met) and yes ironically I had three of the same teachers.
I only wear pink perfume.
It's just a weird thing, even if I like a perfume, it it's not pink, I WON'T buy it.
If you're done reading now, I won't hate you, but you'll be missing out, so you should probably keep reading. If not, just follow me on twitter to find out some more random fun facts about me.
When I was little I had a speech impediment.  My r's were w's.
It was cute when I was little and something they always though I would 'grow out of'.
I never grew out of it, and in finally went to speech therapy in the third grade.
I honest to goodness believed in Santa until I was eleven (sixth grade).
Don't even hate on me, my Mom always told me, "If you don't believe you won't receive."
I was not about to not receive.  For that matter, I am still a believer.
I love any and every Akon song. I'd actually like many to play at my wedding some day, I know I know I'm real classy. It's embarrassing, but I just can't help myself.
I'm in love with a stripper convict (get it?).  If you're not a fan, you might not, it's a play on Akon lyrics.  Yes, I know I am a werido.
As shoe obsessed as I may be, I didn't buy my first pair of heels until my freshman year of college. I wore flats to prom.  Speaking of prom, I sewed all my prom dresses, yeah I'm awesome. I can sew.
I am certified to teach English as a second language.
I'm 5'9'' and the shortest female on my Mom's side of the family (Aunts and cousins included). The female cousin's on my Dad's side calls them (the females on my Mom's side, 'sky scrapers'.
I call my Dad-  D.  When I was younger I called him DD, not even sure where it came from, but it stuck.  As I grew up, I shortened it to D.  I adore him, and love that I have a special name for him.

And just in case you weren't sure enough already.
I adore you guys too!!!

Also I went on my first blate (blog-date) yesterday with Brianne.
She blogs over here, she's awesome, and I can't wait to hang out again.
Will share more details tomorrow, get ready!!!


  1. I had to go to speech therapy in kindergarten because I said my l's as w's. And that was totally awkward because it made my name Katewin. Soooo.. my parents figured speech therapy as early as possible was a good idea.

    And at the age of 26, my parents still tell me I won't get presents if I try to say that Santa isn't real. (Which why would I say it? He obviously IS real.. right? right?!)

  2. Loveee get to know me posts. I refuse to listen (and get really upset) when people talk about santa not being real. I mean whatev, he is, he isn't, but let me have it ok? Like no need to come out and sayyyy it.

    Also I'm definitely following along now, excited to read more!

  3. love ya even more (if that's even possible). akon songs? althoug I'm only 5'2" so you might have to bend down to talk to me!!

  4. Ummm... My right front tooth? Fake also. Chipped it in a car accident. Our fake right front teeth are friends now :)

  5. Loved learning about you, lady. You're too cute. And I wish I was 5'9" ... I'm a midget.

  6. Love this post! Akon? Ummm yes please! You can Brianne can rock the false teeth together! Too funny!

  7. I want to see photos of your homemade prom dresses! incredible!

  8. My parents said the same I definitely believed!!

    I love that you went to the same HS as your parents.

    So fun about your blate!! I hope you guys had a blast!

  9. Wow I wish I could take a great pic like that while holding my camera too. But when I take them I just hate the pic and delete it. I've seen others take em and there's is awesome just like yours. How do you accomplish such a good one.

  10. You're 5'9" and the shortest?! Gimmie some of those genes! I'm only 5'2" hahaha

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