Monday, January 21, 2013

How Do You Know?

How do you know if he really loves me?
Okay, who doesn't love that song?

Here's the link just in case you want to hear it RIGHT NOW!!!

But this post is seriously about 'How Do You Know??', 
because there are so many things in life no one tells you.

How do you know when you are too old to shop in the Juniors Department???
It's okay when you're in college. And then you graduate...dun, dun, dun. You find yourself in the middle phase, you know the one where you're not an adult, but you're not a college kid either. That is just the worst feeling, well ever.  This is the time when your attempt at business causal is black skinny jeans, with a target tank, and a nice blazer from Express.

Well then one day you realize, oh shit, I am not in college anymore, major buzz kill, and the majority of your closet turns into 'adult/work' wear which doesn't seem as fun as your sun dresses and cut offs. But you keep those items in your closet to wear during your 'down time', aka the time you're not trying to pretend that you're all grown up.

Here's my 'fancy' business attire

When do you need to 'make the change'?? And by change, I mean when do you go farther in the Target clothing section and/or not rush straight to the BP section of Nordstrom.  It's not like someone tells you, or you're not welcome in those stores anymore.  Let's just say I am afraid of the being 'that girl', you know the one that shouldn't be shopping in that section.
How do you know when to start using anti-wrinkle cream???

I wish my face looked like this!!

 So they say the younger the better, but how are you supposed to remember to do this in college when you're out partying up late studying every night.  You never see or hear of your friends doing it.  All the ads say 'the younger the better', but how young is young?? 

I just started this year, and I feel a little bit behind the curve. I mean do I already have wrinkles hiding under my eyeballs?? or crows feet??? that are just hiding, waiting to come out and say, "You know Kaylin, had you started that wrinkle cream a year earlier, we wouldn't be here"

Just let me know people. What cream should I be using? Where can I get it? And how many years will it take to undo the damage I have already done???  And please don't say "botox" because it's not an option (cough, yet, cough).
There are a zillion other things that I wonder about, 
but these two are two of the ones I think about the most.

Share your thoughts....
I'll take any advice!!!


  1. I am 34 and STILL have the shopping my age problem! I have found that a good in between young and old is Old Navy and Target. I work from home and my work attire is jeans and tees so the professional look is not an option. As for wrinkle cream, I use the Oil of Olay 7 total effect daily moisturizer and when I need the big guns, loreal revitalift or collagen remodeler. Growing up can suck sometimes!!

    1. Good, glad I am not the other only one that struggles w/ shopping. I just feel like jeans and t's should be a staple in anyones work're so lucky!!!!

      I will have to try the Oil of Olay for sure!!!

  2. I wish I could go back in time and start using wrinkle cream at like age 12. Honestly. I think it's not my eyes that I worry about as much as my forehead. It's got little baby lines and I'm just like ahhh how did that happen? My eyebrows like go up when I smile. It's ruining my forehead. That's all.

    1. I worry about my crows feet the most...My forehead is bad too though... I mean growing up just sucks!!

  3. I totally understand... you're stuck in between juniors dept and petites.. where you feel either too old or too young :( they need a mid age group.. guess that's impulse at macys.. which cost $$$$ ... good luck w the wrinkle cream! if you find one that you love please share!!!

    1. Yeah, right, 'stuck' what should I do???
      And more $$$ - I am not about to bust out hundos just to get dressed...
      I'll let you know about the cream, right now I am using the target brand lol!!!

  4. i was sad when I felt like i was too old to shop in the jr. department - although still do once in awhile! I keep thinking about how now is the time to start using wrinkle cream before I actually start getting wrinkles!

    1. I do too!!! I will keep trying until I can. Yeah, I started w/ cream this's a tad crazy to think about!!!

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