Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Things that Make me a Grown Up

At twenty five, there are no more excuses. 

I'm not really sure what I want to be when I grow up doesn't work anymore. Because I'm there.
And since when have I been graduated from college for four years, I still reference my college roommates as roommates, despite the fact that I've been living with my boyfriend (grown-up) for what's pushin' two years now (more on co-habitation to come).
But not much has changed since twenty four. I look pretty much the same, except the hair cut, and I can't visibly see more wrinkles so my anti wrinkle cream every night before bed regiment is hard at work. (I didn't wear that stuff in college), one point for adulthood.

I love my job, but can't say I'll be doing it forever. Could it be a career, absolutely. It counts as a win.
My car still needs gas and a wash in the worst way. It seems as if both those things are needed far to  often for a this girl to actually keep up.  But I do keep my tires freshly rotated and change my oil on the recommended schedule, so that definitely makes me an adult.

In elementary school my Mom used to pack my lunch, every day. I was pretty lucky, and she was the best, I always had a lots of fruit, and veggies, and the sandwich of my choice, packaged nicely in Ziploc baggies, an eleven year old can't be trusted with gladware.  Now I pack my lunch every day (insert creature of extreme habit here), but it's in glass Tupperware, which is a clear indication I have made it in life.

Wine is for adults, and as much as I thought slappin' the bag of Franzia in college counted in college, I was wrong. A glass (or two, or four) of chardonnay won't hurt anyone, and is a sign of maturity when consumed multiple times a week just for fun.

I see the doctor annually (no lady likes goin' in to the doctor more than once a year), and I get my teeth cleaned every six months; I've yet to have a cavity. And I even have my own health insurance (it's not big deal, but many people my age still pony up with their parents for this), so I am adding it to the list.  And the cherry on the cake, I have my very own own health flex spending account, which should add two points to my 'I'm for sure an adult board'.

We got a sectional, and while this is hardly something that would make the normal persons heart go pitter patter, every time I see it a small part of my inside smiles, and thinks, "Wow I am so grown up."

What points do I have working against me? Well.  I still drink too much (at times), shop at Forever25 Forever21, love Disney princesses, and live near my parents.  But I'd like to think that just adding to my character.


  1. Loved this! I feel the same way when I look around (mostly at my two kids) and think, aren't I still 21? HERE'S TO BEING YOUNG FOREVER!

  2. Totally just adds to your character. (: You're such an adult with your wine and doctors appointments. I'm 20, and I still beg my mom to call the doctors for me. Embarrassing, I know. She never does it.

  3. i live by my parents and see them often and call me mom every day :) i'm jealous you've never had a cavity. really jealous!

  4. i still call my college roomies my roomies too, even though we haven't lived together in years and that will never change even if i am grownup and paying my own rent and living with a boy too.

  5. Love this! My life in a nutshell too. Including living close to the parents, co-habitation and all the little grown up things (minus the wine and plus the craft beers).

  6. I am struggling with the fact I will be 26 next month. Silly but where has the time gone? Now I get excited when I finish all the laundry and clean the house. :) The being able to drink part is def my fave though!

  7. Nice post Kaylin! It still surprises me how the smallest things change from 24 to 25. But I like that I can still act 19 when I need too ;)

    x Natalie

  8. I'm 35 and sometimes I can't believe I'm an adult. It's when the bills come in the mail, babies are crying because they need food or a diaper change or I'm walking across the football field with my High School daughter that it really hits me!

  9. Love this post, I just found your blog and you're too funny! But being an adult is hard, I bought my first set of gladware last year and I currently have five tubs and two lids. I don't think i'm doing it right...

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