Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Try Something New

My try new things trio (and co workers Kara and Kerry) have talked me into TWO new 'fitness' activities this year.

The first was a eight month stint of pole dancing, yup I said it, pole dancing. It was a blast but came to an end after I tumbled, okay flailed off the pole landing in a pretzel-ed mess on the ground 'displacing' two ribs. Don't worry the sustained injuries were not serious, and were cured with one quick $35 trip to the chiropractor.

This morning we tried our NEWEST fitness adventure- Cardio Kickboxing!!!

We went before work, thinking it'll be easy- It was our first class after all.

Forty five minutes and a head of what hair later, we all needed a little more than a 'freshen up'.

It was a blast though- punching and kicking it out to loud pop remixes.

The wrist wraps and gloves made me feel like a true bad ass, even though I know I'm not.  During the warm up alone my coordination skills were challenged, and that's not even touching the punching, kicking, elbowing combos.

Bad Ass maybe not, Lame-0 for wanting a picture, yup!!!!
We're excited to go back though, this Groupon was for TEN classes (including hand wraps and gloves), so I've got more time to develop my punching rhythm and kicking technique.  

Needless to say we all decided it was an AFTER work activity.

If you get a chance, give it a try.
I can't wait for our next class!

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