Friday, June 28, 2013

I hope any pink car is a Mary Kay Car...and my Random Thoughts

A pink Mercedes big pimpin' on the freeway yesterday that looked like this (not even joking)
Who the eff heck drives a pink car???
...and here are my thoughts on it.

1. I hope it's a Mary Kay company car
2. Barbie, where is your Ken?
3. Is this Ashley Tidsdale in High School Musical 3?

Among other things it's Friday, and we're on the road flying out (again) tonight for a wedding tomorrow.  Fingers crossed I behave better than I did at the last one, remember that??

I'd probably be better off if I hadn't stayed up 'til 1am last night sitting and talking by the fire, oh and drinking a strawbertia magic.
I'll probably sleep during my two hour flight after work and then be wired when we arrive at 10:30.
Oh did I mention it's supposed to be 110+ this weekend too...insert I am wearing work out spandex under my dress to avoid awkward butt sweat marks here, sexy I know.

 In other news, I am sorry I sucked at blogging this week.
Next week little blog, we'll be better friends.
This week, it just wasn't in the cards.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

And then texting took over the world

What's that I heard little blog, I'm ignoring you?
You're right and I am sorry.

This summer is proving to be one of the busiest in my life. Every weekend from last weekend through August 10th is booked, many of which are out or town adventures, on top which work is a Zoo.  And before you start sayin' 'woe is me', I'll stop you. It's not necessary, just wanted to let you know why I've been slackin'.
When Carly Rae almost took over the world last year with Call Me Maybe,
I was obsessed.  Yup, I am that mid twenties gal, who loves overproduced
 and over play music (and Akon).  Don't judge me. 

But the 'Call Me' part is what gets me. Really Carly? Call me??
Who are you trying to fool...we all know you mean to say text me.
Texting is where it's at, I digress.

All the scenarios below are solved by texting. 
Proof that texting has single handily taken over the world.

1. Someone calls you, you can't answer the phone, what do you do?

2. You are about to call you friend (Hi Nadine) in another time zone, 
but you want to be sure she has time to talk, what do you do?

3. You are calling someone who might not have your number, 
they don't answer (probably because they don't have your number), what do you do?

4. You're meeting your friend somewhere, you arrived first, 
and you want to let them know you are there, what do you do?

5. Your Mom leaves you a voicemail, but knows you will never listen to it.
What does she do?

6. Your prescription is ready, what does the pharmacy do?

7. You are running 5 minutes late for a meeting, what do you do?

8.  You see something at the mall you know your friend would love, what do you do?

9. You're alone in public, what do you do? (hence the GIF above).

10. Your credit card statement is out, what do they do?

11. You South West flight is delayed updated, what do they do?

12. You see something funny, you take a picture, what do you do?
 And a zillion more scenarios that prove, texting is taking over the world.
 So if you need me, text me.

P.S. This post by no means indicates that I prefer texting over talking,
there are many instances when talking is more efficient and enjoyable, and often preferred.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

When your skirt is see through, just wear two...

First, you are welcome for this face.
Second, I'm over here today, go check it out and win awesome goodies.
Third, this skirt is see through.
Good news is, this was determined before I left the house, when I was told by
 my boyfriend in a very polite way that I '...probably shouldn't wear that skirt to work.' 
But I was determined, and put on a tight bondage skirt under as a make shift slip.
Because it's totally normal to wear two skirts to work.
Mom would tell me to put on a slip, 
but who in our generation owns one of those (do you???)
So when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.
Shirt//New York & Co.
Shoes//Nine West

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Becuase We All Cheat Sometimes

When these snake skin shoes caught my eye, 
I cheated.
My love for leopard is still undying. 
Between my shoes, purses, undies, and misc. accessories, one could say I have a problem.
Something about leopard flare...

But these low, ankle strap, Steve Maddens really got me.
I had visions of them with this dress, black skinnies, white shorts, and pretty much every other item in my closet.

We are headed out of town again this weekend and I feel like I just got back form visiting my niece, oh how I love summer, and how it's almost gone already. 

I'll share more about our visit soon, but lets just say when you spend two full days with a two week old baby and you never hear her cry, you too would be convinced she's an angel.

And in case you were wondering, I'll be wearing the shoes with this dress.

Friday, June 21, 2013


Oh hey there Friday, thanks for dropping by again, that was thoughtful.
Also, you can't see me, but my smile isn't that big.  It ain't big for nothing, for tomorrow I'm meeting my niece IN PERSON tomorrow,
 and I can't flippin' wait any longer.  
 With each picture I get, my anticipation grows.  How you, such a small little human has struck me with such wonder, joy, and pride all at the same time.  You leave me dumbfounded, as if to say, Look Auntie K, life is an amazing gift, take it and cherish it, it passes by quickly.

And to your profound influence, I will share my feelings of love speechless, as I hold you. 
Saying, you're right baby girl, life is a gift, without even speaking a word.

Although you won't ever have the pleasure of being the baby of the family (except right now that is), you'll grow up with loving supporting parents and family that teach you (by example) how to be a good person, how to be thankful, how to work hard, and how to give and receive love, which is all you really need. 
You'll probably be the cutest darned thing we've ever seen when you start taking wobbly footsteps, I'm sure when you say my name (however you say my name) my eyes will tear up, with the thought that someday when I have kids, they will be just as special as you are, and my emotions will be on overload.
For now though, while your still young enough to put up with ridiculous bows on your head, and onesies that say ridiculous things, I'll take in as much as I can.  I want as much of your fresh perspective, as much of your flawlessness, and as much of your ability to absorb and learn from what's around you.

We all have a lot to learn from you little one. 
Thanks in advance for teaching us new things, 
and for reminding us of things we have since forgotten.

You are perfection.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

If my life were a musical....

I have exactly two dance moves.
That is until I am drunk I have had a couple of drinks, and then, game on.
I'll dance to ANYTHING, ANY SONG.
 Exhibit A- dancing at my Brother's Wedding (and you know my track record with weddings)

And somehow on a totally unrelated note,
this made me realize that if I my life were a musical, it'd be a little silly.
I would totally rock out my two dance moves to any of these songs.
(Remember my undying love for him??)

The first music I was ever really 'into', was the Top Gun soundtrack.  Amazing what a brother four years older will get you hooked on.  Mom and Dad say when he was six and watching Top Gun at least once a week, I would attempt to sing along to 'Danger Zone'. Man I wish they had that on video.
Then I progressed to 'The Disney Phase', okay so admittedly, this phase is still happening, but what does that matter right???  The summer of 1994 was spent on a four week road trip from California to Montana and back, and the Lion King tape probably played for 96.493% of the trip.
Who doesn't love to sing, 'I'm Gonna be a Mighty King' seven times in a row at the top of your lungs??? The answer my older brother.
Then we fall into the classics phase. Mom somehow get her eight year old hooked on Grease, good one. How was I supposed to know that singing "...Look at me I'm Sandra-dee lousey with virginity..." on the way into church was inappropriate. I didn't know the darn meaning, sorry for making you look like a terrible Catholic mother Mom.  As a side note when I watch this movie now I realize, it's basically the original American Pie.
The nerd in me took over in fourth grade, and I missed the Spice Girl phase (though I am a full fledged Spice Grils lover now), and stuck mostly to stamp collecting.  Whoa, that's something you guys didn't need to know.
I bought my first CD using my allowance money, and so I was rockin' out to N'SYNC's first album.  It was three solid months before I could afford another CD, which was inevitably Back Street Boys. Both of whom I later saw in concert (with my Mom). Thanks for that by the way, Mom you're a trooper for letting me explain to you that JC was going to be my husband, while I was wearing jean overalls and a pink shirt from Mervyn's.
Junior High came around and out went the stamp collection, and Nelly was in the house, Taking off all his clothes. Usher had some rockin' slow jams too. (BTW daymn that man is still good lookin').
High School was a entire mixture of music. It was mostly Tim McGraw and Rascal Flatts, but this is also when my love for Akon really started.  I also had a fling with High School Musical that may have last through college, just maybe though.
On more 'emotional days' (how does one have these when you're 16, I'm not even sure) but it was Maroon 5, and the Garden State sound track, oh and let's just top that off with The Fray, How to Save a Life.  Seriously have pathetic was I?? 

Then there was college which was basically about how loud you could blast your music (read frat parties) no matter what that music was, but a few that stick out of Soulja Boy, Just Dance, Party in the USA, and Forever.

And now I am all about anything that I can sing rock out to.
So mostly Country and Overproduced Pop Music.
And I am not even ashamed of it.
Right now, it's these two songs.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Worst Nose in the Family and an Overstyled Look

My Grandma once told me I had 'the worst nose in the family'.
Which, if you were wondering, will NOT boost your self confidence.
Her consoling words after my reaction (insert face of complete shock and heartbreak here) were,
"I've always hated mine too," which really aren't consoling at all.
Not quite the words I was looking for Grandma, sorry.
But when you realize, it's the only one you got to work with, you have to run with it.
Or you style it with a head band and statement necklace.  But while we're talking about my nose,
I have never really disliked my nose, or even given it much thought until she brought it up.
After of course, immediately started thinking I looked like a bird.
Exhibit A below.
Hello Beak, nice to meet you, I'm Kaylin.
Also can we talk about all the super artistic bloggers that take flawless pictures
 look so un-posed and natural.  How do you do it???  I am clearly not one of 'em. 

That aside,  if you're thinking I don't look silly here, you'd be lying. 
Not only is my beak nose staring you in the face, I have completely over styled my new Lemons and Lace head band. The headband it's self is perfection, the stylist, however, sucks.
 I was lost when I put this look together.  The black maxi skirt I had planned to pair it with, didn't pan out because it was actually in the washing machine when I went to get dressed. 
Can you say lack of preparation anyone?
So now as a exercise of imagination, just picture this exact same outfit except instead of pants a maxi, and instead of layered teal tanks a white basically a completely different outfit.
You have a vision???  Congratulations you have an awesome imagination, and you know how I will style my headband next time.
Also why is it that everyone who rocks a sassy headband has long hair?
It is a sign I shouldn't try it?

Now back to noses.
If you don't laugh at this, you are not human.

I'd like to make a GIF of myself doing this just for kicks.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Get Out of Here Fruit, You Weren't Invited

This is how it usually goes down when I am in the ice cream aisle.
I stand there (in the Aisle) staring at the 'options'.
Any flavor with any fruit (at all) is out. 
  I don't like fruit in my ice cream, why add something healthy to a heart attack? 
And then just like I do every time, I leave with a pint of Ben and Jerry's Half Baked Fro Yo.
Those that follow me on instagram may have seen this picture a few weeks ago.
Those of you don't follow me should probably start now.
So when I got home from the longest Monday of the year, and my boyfriend said he had something waiting for me in the freezer, this is how I felt.  
You get my drift.
That is until I found myself digging for cookie dough nuggets gold in bed, while watching Real Housewives, and I actually looked something exactly like this.
So I called it a day, there was nothing more I could do.
I agree with Raven, if Monday were a person, he'd be a Ginger.

Monday, June 17, 2013

What I Love About Summer

After confessing that I've had my DSLR for 10 months, and still don't know how to use it, I got tons of awesome feedback.  I've taken all of it to heart, and I've ordered a book, read great tutorials, and I took my camera off Automatic.

So on Friday afternoon I had a mini photo shoot with my dog.
It might not be the best picture, but it with settings I set!!! I impressed myself.
That's my girl, we're hangin' out.

And then I realized this is what I love most about summer.
I love having no plans on a Friday, and being totally okay with it.
I love lazy evenings outside, impromptu dinner BBQs, random dates, going to the movies, enjoying coffee outside, and easy going nature of the season.

What else do I love about summer?
Maxi dresses, target sandals, and cut offs.
I love weekends at the lake, time at the mountains, and other adventures.
I love sunglasses, the state fair, and tan lines.

And for no other reason, I love summer because it brings out the happy and smiles in everyone.

P.S. I also love this simple dress.
Imagine it with a jean jacket, wedges, chuck taylors, scarf, or statement necklace.
It'd be fabulous with any of 'em.

Friday, June 14, 2013

It's Friday, I'm Overwhelmed.

 This week for no particular reason I have been feeling particularly overwhelmed.
I'm not sure if it's because I had to go into work early, 
or because I'm counting the days until I get to meet my niece, 
or even a combination of the two.

I will say, my reaction to 'Aunthood' was totally different than I had predicted.
I'm overwhelmed, proud, and infatuated with a little girl I haven't even met.
She's melts and captures my heart all at the same time. 

If I could describe myself this week, it'd be emotional.
My least favorite word, maybe ever (second to these words, of course).
It associates it's stereotypes of women that I'd like to think I don't meet,
 even though I know I am wrong.

So next week will be better, hopefully I'll be less emotional,
and then Saturday morning I'll be holding the most precious girl in my arms.
I can't wait.

P.S. I just bought these for a wedding we are going to at the end of this month.
They were a steal, use GREAT for an additional 15% off.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

All Bloggers were Sorority Girls in a Past Life

We're all sorority girls at heart. Okay so that may be a lie, but there are some odd similarities between sorority life and blogging life, and don't you dare deny it.

Even if you weren't a matching tee shirt wearing, picture squatting, and jean skirt (are those a thing anymore) wearing sorority girl, you're probably more like them 'sorority girls' then you think. 
Cringe, don't shoot me for sayin' that.
I digress....
You randomly stumble upon a blog through Pinterest or while searching for a recipe, and you are captured. You spend a half hour two hours reading the blog, and next thing you know you've read And you are just wondering...what is a blog anyways? A forum for your life?

And that's exactly it is, weird. But most new things are weird.  The phrase, "Don't knock it 'til you try it," comes to mind. Remember your first time trying sushi, yeah that was weird. 

  So you start a blog and you open yourself up to girls you've never met, because you have this crazy idea that we need and want to be part of something bigger than you are. Which is the same as going greek and experiencing recruitment, those of you have been trough it know what I mean. Starting a blog and sorority recruitment feel exactly like this.
Then you pay to sponsor blogs, you network, you tweet, you instagram, and you work to gain exposure and expand your blog. And that's what you do when you join a sorority, you pay to be part of an organization that you work to better, and expand, and then you rock your letters and symbol EVERYWHERE. I mean I couldn't tell you how anchor tees, or sailor waves I've made in college. (Yes those are homemade anchor tees)
  And then suddenly one day, a day that you won't even notice, it happens.
Those weird girls you just met, and those bloggers you used to read, they're your friend, 
and the outsiders don't get it. 

I didn't 'get' sorority life before I joined, nor did I understand blogging before I started,
but both are awesome!!!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

DSLR Lessons Anyone???

I am clearly in deseperate need of camera (DSLR) lessons.
Like whoa.
So I ask you guys, have you four anything helpful when learning to use your DSLR??
Each week I share pictures I've taken (and most I haven't taken) that
 I swear should be fabulous, but they are not.
 Let's just call them lackluster.
I also struggle with taking my camera places, and considering I've almost had it for a year (thanks to the Worlds Best Boyfriend), that's embarrassing.
Plus, it clearly violates rules three and four of blogging world.
3. Always have your camera with you
4. Don't be afraid to take picture in public

To which I usually say, I have an iPhone.
And my conscious says and so does everyone 
I don't need anything fancy. I'll even take an online webinar and count it as a class.
I just need to learn to start getting comfortable with the camera, the settings, the aperture (I only know the word is photography related, I have of how it's actually related) , and all of that jazz.

So I made a personal goal.
Two educational DSLR lessons/classes on how to use my DLSR.
Has anyone taken a DSLR webinar, online class, or actual class they found helpful?
I'd love to know.
Please tell me your secrets.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Seven Reasons I Still Dress Like A Kid

A while back, I told you guys, I suck at sexy
and I was so overwhelmed with all your emails and comments.
Made me feel awesome, a true reminder of why I blog.
After more serious thought of 'style' and what not, I came to this realization.
We all dress like kids.
(this is a serious generalization, but hear me out)
The proof is in the pudding, or the ice cream, whichever sounds better to you!

I still wear stretchy pants (even to work sometimes). I guess most would call them 'leggings' but we all know that's just a fancier name for those colored ones your Mom bought you to wear under your dresses and skirts.

One word Romper.  I got one as a gift, and I love it, but I am also confident that my niece will be wearing the same thing as me. Although I am thinking hers might not be leopard print... I guess this means I need to find one for her.

Tights. I rocked colored and patterned tights all the time growing up. My Mom would call them 'darling' if she were describing a picture of four year old me wearing them.  Little did she know I'd still be wearing them twenty plus years later...some things never change Mom. 

Half my wardrobe is still from Target, as it was also true when I was 8, and I am pretty sure this will never change.  I mean how could one avoid buying clothes at Target?? I think it'd be near impossible.  I picked up this shirt the other day, and love it!!!

Mixing Patterns is acceptable when you're little and picking out your own clothes; so even if it's red gingham and yellow stripes work.  Well such is the case today.  Pattern mixing (I love her blog) is all the go now, super trendy, and cute.  Who knew the six year old version of me was on to something??

Hand crafted 'flare' is in. How many pins do you see of DIY scarves and jewelry?? How much money could you blow on etsy right now??  Now remember that weaving class you took in third grade, this is still cool. On a completely separate hand crafted note, I just ordered a head wrap for here, it's pretty awesome!!!

Anything goes when you're little, because you're little and 'it's cute'.  But truth be told (love those cliche lines) the same applies today.  If you wear something edgy (or that you are uncertain of) just act like you know what you're doing, like you did when you when you were little and didn't 'know any better', and you'll be fine. Trust me.

So basically, our style hasn't changed, and we all dress like kids.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Our Third Year

The obligatory weekend post is here, and 
if anyone had as good of a weekend as this girl, I'd be suprprised.
I mean just look at that smile, if you've already seen this already, I'm not sorry.
Something about labs Zoey, and water, and the mountains.
And if you don't remember this weekend we went to a Brew Fest.
As much as I would love to tell you that took tons of pictures, I didn't.
Something about all you can drink beer...

This picture was snapped early on, I wanted to be sure we at least one good one.

This is our third year attending this exact Brew Fest as a couple, 
which to me means a lot of things to me.

It means we've grown together as individuals, and as a couple.
It means I've actually tricked someone into loving me (gottcha!!!) 
It means there have probably been a few fights, disagreements, and frustrations with one another. 
It means we've almost had our little Zoey girl for a year (we got her two days after last year's Brew Fest)
It means we have learned MUCH more about each other, and still have more to learn.
It means I've been your roommate for almost a year and half (jeez time flies).
It means we have many more memories under our belts, and millions more to make together.
It means we're still having fun with one another, and I couldn't ask for more.
It means we've helped make each other a better people for over two years, 
and I just absolutely love that feeling.

Hope you all had a great weekend!!!

Friday, June 7, 2013

She's Here

If this is any indication on how fun being an Aunt is, count me in!!!
Yes those are my two Aunties and my Mom in the middle.

Because today I'm officially and Auntie K.
She was due on the 30th, but wasn't quite ready to take on the world then,
she needed a few more days.
But she's joining us today, and that's the biggest blessing in the world.

I wish her a life full of health, perfection, support, passion, and love.
I know she'll have all of that, and more.
I love you already little girl.
I'll love you forever too.
You've won my heart, and I haven't even met you.
That's for brightening my life.

Hope you all have a great weekend.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

The 'Morning After' Advice

It's almost Friday, and that is simply amazing.
We're heading out to a Brew Fest this weekend!!!!
 (follow me on instagram for the play by play)
 As if summer isn't great enough already lets add Drinking Festivals. 
While this weekend is a 'Brew Fest', I have a feeling the weekend might include more dranks like strawbertias, (....mojitos, fireball, JD, and all other alcoholic beverages).
I'm not trying to foreshadow any events of this weekend, but last year at the Brew Fest, I ended up finding blueberry beer and drinking eight of them, eatin' my body weight in chips and guacamole, and brought almost an entire bowl home on my shirt.  When we got home we were convinced we were locked out, until seventeen thirty one phone calls and a set of keys (that were in our pocket the entire time) were found. 
Yeah, it's gonna be a good weekend.

So I'm preparing to go thru the eight step 'morning after' drinking process...

Take a Purse Inventory
It might have gotten crazy on the dance floor,  and things may have gone flyin'.
Be sure you have all your cards, your ID, phone, camera, and anything else you might have brought out with you. 

Shower Up
Simple, I know, but it's likely your hair, breath, and body smell with the lingering staleness of beer, sweat, and possibly cigarettes.  Additionally there may be some stamps on your hand. You need to eliminate all of these things, as fast as possible.  A shower is the only cure. 

Do 'Damange Control' on your Phone
Check your phone to affirm what you don't know might not know from the night before.
See if you did the standard girl 15 texts and seven phone calls to that 'special' someone (unless of course you were with them). If you have it's probably easiest just to delete the evidence (delete all the texts and calls from your phone) and call it good. 

G2's are really the best thing to drink, and while your drinking it, swig down a ibuprofen or two (or four) to properly prepare the inevitable headache.

Check Your Bank Account
Check your bank account, lezbehonest, you probably bought a few more kamikazes fireball shots than you thought.

Comfy Cozy Up
Put on your most comfiest, coziest, pajama like yoga pants and tank/shirt.
Anything that feels more like pajamas and less like actual clothes MUST happen.

something greasy. Breakfast burritos, Starbucks breakfast sandwiches, and bagels often do the trick.
I also enjoy goldfish, white cheddar cheese its, and

Sit down on the couch only after setting up your 'station'. G2, water, salty snack, and phone all on the coffee table. This way you're set up for hours, and don't have to move anywhere for hours all day.

Hope you all have a Great Weekend!!!!

P.S. I just watched Princess Dairies this week (it was on TV, and I was reminded of just how great that movie is.  Did you know that Christina from Greys Anatomy is also in Princess Diaries? I had NO IDEA!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Plus Ten Pounds

A year ago (give or take) today, I was officially ten pounds lighter, and I hate (sorry Mom, I'm using that word, and I know you don't like it) that feeling.
As much as I like to think I don't care about how I look. I do. I care.
 I care A LOT.
If you haven't read my story of weight loss via weight watchers, you can here.
I felt really good after I finished and had success keeping the weight off, which brought me continued happiness.  But at my annual appointment (that was lovely) I saw those three numbers on the scale, and I looked away. It made me sad.
I've been working out (strength training) WAY more than I was a year ago.
My strength has improved in measurable ways, and after reviewing my measurements, I'm 3" less (overall) the same as I was last year at this time, so it's apparently 'all muscle'.

My mind gets it, but my brain can't quite 'see' past the numbers.
I need to remind myself to keep it all in perspective, that a number is just a number, and that at the end of the day, we're all just a work in progress.
We might not all be working on the same things, but we're all working on ourselves. Some people are working on fitness, others are working on personal resolutions, relationship building, etc. 
And I am sure we're all doing a combination of all listed above, it's important to keep things in perspective. It's just one thing.
It's just a number.
I'm feeling confident in myself, my work, my relationships, and my life.
So what does that measley little number mean anyway?
Quite your mind Kaylin, it's all going to be okay.
Shirt//Target (similar)
Shoes//Target circa 2008
Glasses//Kate Spade (similar)
P.S. These wedges are my favorite and they are dying, 
so I have to wear them sparingly :(
Happy Wednesday!!!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

If I Had a Stalker...

If I had a stalker, I'd want this guy working on my 'case', because he's so damn sexy my favorite character on Criminal Minds he's so sexy.
How could you resist that smile (and body)???

And if I had a stalker, I'd probably be easy to stalk, I'm a creature of habit, like whoa.
 If you couldn't tell I was my mothers daughter, you'd know by the lunches we pack.
She's eaten the same lunch every day for her entire life, and seeing as how the apple doesn't fall far from the do I.
 I digress...
 Morning run, work, same lunch every day, home, walk the dog, hang out, sleep, repeat.
You get the picture.

But if I were a stalker of the forever21 website.
I'd be admiring this
Wanting this...
Lusting over this
Dreaming of being able to rock these
with these
And actually ordering this

And if I had a stalker, he (or she) could have found me here this weekend.
Enjoying the view!!!
 Hope you all had a great weekend!!!!

Monday, June 3, 2013

The Official Life Cycle of Older Sibilings

I'm the baby of the family, the youngest (of two).  My brother got in four good years before I came along.  He didn't know how good it was until I came around, and completed the family (it's true, I did).

*Please note I am using brother as the older sibling, 
but the time line holds true for most all older siblings regardless of gender.

The day I was born, I'm sure my brother felt like this.
 Except, I'm sure my four year old brudder (that's how I said it when I was little), 
loved me dearly, or at least I hope so. Please note he loves me unconditionally, he loves me, I'm his best friend.

Being an older brother comes with lots of responsibilities, like paying me 'not to tell Mom and Dad', using me as an excuse for anything broken, damaged, or dirty,  and putting my life in danger (see below, yes we've done that!!!).
But I guess 'big brotherhood' comes with 'invisible' responsibilities as well.
Like teaching/leading by example, helping the younger one (that's me) with anything and everything, and giving advice on all sorts of life 'topics'.  His job is bigger than I thought.  If there's one thing I know for sure, I couldn't do it.

To them (the older sibling) our jobs seem 'easy', 
this is what they think being the baby of the family is like,
but they're wrong.

Sure, we might be coddled or 'spoiled' in ways that you weren't, but we had to spend our precious childhood being dragged around to your events (for years) before we got to do our own things (You'd be surprised how many games you can make up underneath the bleachers at the little league fields), getting hand me down blue boys bikes (that I pimped out with pink stickers, don't worry about it), or being compared to the 'first one' (truth be told, my parents never compared us, in their eyes we are two successful individuals, but you last children know the feeling I am talking about we'll always see ourselves as 'compared' to the other(s)). 

But big brother did always have had a higher GPA, cleaner driving record, and a more calm, cool, and collected demeanor than myself; for this I love and envy you all at the same time.  I'll blame your perfection and responsibility on your first child-ness.  Clearly if I were the first child, I'd be just like you (Not).

Then they leave the house and us youngest-ers (I just made that up) are like 'Yes'!!!!

Now we don't have to share the 'spotlight' with the anyone.
That's cool for a about (point) two seconds until we realize all eyes are on us (and it sucks, in my case it really didn't suck, but I'm sure it could suck), and we have to watch our every move. 
And our every move is 'watched'.

And then we're like...

It's just not the same without you (even though I used to complain about always being compared to you and it drove me nuts)-- it's less fun without you.

And this is how I feel the life cycle of most older siblings goes, give or take a thing or two.
I guess being the baby ain't so bad after all, because I'd never be able to handle the pressure of being the first child (like ever).

Happy Monday everyone.
Where do you fall in birth order?
Do you agree with this timeline?