Tuesday, July 30, 2013

There's Always One

This weekend was spent wine tasting very classily, if that's even a word, for yet another (drum roll please) bachelorette party.  If classy is described as sitting in the trunk of the car riding vineyard to vineyard, leaving a toilet seat cover on your chair at lunch to avoid having cheek prints when you got up, and making pink panty droppers before going to dinner, then we nailed it.

When you get a group of girls together for a bachelorette party, there's a big chance that it's the first time they have all been together.  It's a cross roads of friends in your life; the meeting point of your childhood friends, future sister-in-law(s), High School besties, college roomies, and current co-workers, that come together to make a night or a weekend special.
And there's almost always that one.

You all know the one I am talking about, she's that girl.
The one who 'forgets' to bring a gift. The girl who NEVER buys a round at the bar.
The girl who has a suitcase full of clothes, but borrows everything she wears out. The lady who didn't bring her checkbook.  The gal who gets an appetizer for dinner, only to eat everyone else's left overs.  The one who smiles and says she's having fun, when the truth is written all over her face.  The girl who talks about all the texts she's getting, and the boy she's dating.  The gal who doesn't pick up what the group is throwin' down.  The lady who at moments, forgets it's all about the bride.


Seriously this just upsets me, anyone who has any common sense, attended a bachelorette party, or is in their middle twenties, knows none of this is appropriate, knows your pay for the bachelorette, and knows it's a weekend dedicated to the bride-to-be.

And sitting here writing this makes me feel like a such a b****.  So I've taken it upon myself to give her another mini bachelorette party, to ensure she gets to live it out in all her glory, because you only get married once, and in the words of Lydia, "If you work it right, once is enough."   And for this gal, I'm sure it will be. I can't wait for her wedding, and for that matter her second bachlelorette party.

Friday, July 26, 2013

It's Official

 Summer is coming to a close, and while I know we still have all of August and half of September, I know these months will fly by, as this year has.

We (my boyfriend and I) are no longer dog owners.  We are in fact owned by our dog, and we are totally okay with it.

My stint of four consecutive four day work weeks is over, and I have to work five days next week. Not to worry after that I have two Friday's in a row off...sometimes life is rough.

I haven't actually relaxed in bed or on the couch and read my book in over a month, and it's slowly driving me insane...something about diving into other places, characters, and plots does it for me. Wanting to read this and this right now.

I never want to fold laundry again, ever. Four loads yesterday did me in, I am SO not ready to be a mom, I've heard four loads is a good day.

Fried egg with melted cheese on toast topped with salsa is my all time favorite breakfast, ever.
I could for sure eat it every day and never get sick of it.

College nostalgia is hittin' me real hard right now, is this what happens when your approaching a quarter century???   ...for the love of god my degree growing up.

I'm headed off to another bachelorette party in a few hours, and I am going to drink wine all weekend, eat like a queen, and not even feel bad about it.  Who cares how much you weigh right?

 The Nordstrom semi annual is too tempting...still craving this and these.  Neither of which I will probably buy, because I most definitely don't' need either, but a girl can dream.  If I had to choose, I'd pick the shoes....duh.

It's officially the start of my weekend. Time to party.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Girls NEED Girl Time

I'm well aware this is a 'repeat' picture, it appears in Tuesday's post, but I don't even care because I love it, I don't care, I love it....anyone see what I did there?  If you get it, one point for you, if you didn't get it clearly, you need to listen to the radio more.

This weekend was a total college throw back, the epitome of a girl's trip (but how can a Bachelorette party not be?), and the definition of what a girl needs in her life every now and again.

The other day, my bestie (who is visiting in 23 days) called me having a full on panic attack.  It wasn't the fake oh-my-gawd-I-just-stepped-on-the-scale-and-was-three-pounds-heavier-than-I-was last-week type of panic attack that us, somewhat vain middle twenties gals face all the time, it was real. And she said, "I just want to put on a short, tight dress, go out, drink, and dance....and I want to dance, and I want to drink." (She may have been reminiscing on our years as sorority girls, but you all know every blogger used to be one.)
Yes this picture is from 2008, sigh we're getting old.
And right then she affirmed everything that I have come to learn about girls in my almost quarter century; us girls need girl time. 

So instead of going to the Doctor to get anxiety prescription, she booked a flight visit, because that's what every rational girl would do, and because a drunken weekend of dancing, five zillion iPhone pics, restaurant Mac 'n Cheese, and GIRLS should for cure her for sure.  I know this weekend did me wonders.

If not guess we'll just have to think of something else.

P.S. Did I mention I have another bachelorette party this weekend? 
Is there such thing as too much girl time?
I think not.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

TV is Making me Dumber (More Dumb)

Seriously, I CAN'T multi-task when I Real Housewives, I lose that innate female quality.  They just captivate me.   Something about Vickie's face Alexis's stupidity Lydia's smile their drama.
So as I sit here, catching up on the three episodes (yes I am that behind) I haven't seen, I wonder what it is I should write about.  I have started four posts, and deleted every single one, I guess this show really does make you dumber.

Should I confess that I bought a pair of Citizens at the Anniversary Sale (lusting over these too), that we (my boyfriend and I) ate store bought scalloped potatoes and they tasted exactly the same SUPER similar to homemade ones, or that I have five blisters on my feet from this weekend, because all of these things are true?
Probably none of those things, because they are not inherently interesting.
 But then I figured isn't that what bloggers do? Write about day to day, ideas, styles, dilemmas, DIY's, confusions, and feelings it in a way that intrigues others, perfect, so I digress.

When getting dressed the other morning, I found myself wondering if it's appropriate to wear to my new camo vest to work.  Most of my professional brain said no, but the other side said paired with a pencil skirt, it might barley pass.  So, I rocked it at the office, with no regrets. (I can't wait to wear this layered in the fall, just sayin').
And now, just for a play by play of my life I am watching Men Tell All, so I am for sure loosing more brain cells than I did during a night out drinking in college, but I am so one of those girls who got sucked in to the shows.  I won't deny it. I will also admit that Des is my least favorite bachelorette to date, Ali was my favey (and not just because she's blonde).

I will affirm for you though, that it freaks me out that more people watch the show than vote in the Presidential elections, and I vow that I am not one of them.  I exercise my right as a American (and female thank.you.very.much) to vote, and let's just say I was not all that surprised (or completely thrilled) with the results of this years elections.

And now that I have rambled enough about my life.
I'll be done.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Chicago Bachelorette

Chicago was in one word: Awesome.
But seriously, I'd go back to that city any time, but I'd stick to summer.
Walking around all bundled up doesn't seem nearly as fun as frolicking around in shorts and dresses, just sayin'. 

So today, I'll leave you with a photo dump, because if we're all being honest, I got back on Sunday night but am still in food coma and recovering from two nights of late night drinking, a friendly reminder that I'm not getting any younger, and my college years are long gone.
Maybe tomorrow I'll have something more for you.

Friday, July 19, 2013


Dear Chicago,
I am on my way. 
Sitting on the airplane as we speak!!! 
I am confident you'll be everything I expect and more. 
Don't disappoint. I have big plans for this Bachelorette Party. 

Thursday, July 18, 2013

And then my Entire Wardrobe Jumped in my Suitcase

 I'm not sure if I mentioned it, but I am heading to Chicago tomorrow for a Bachelorette party (to celebrate the one in the middle). And you know I'm spending a solid 56 hours there, and somehow my entire wardrobe jumped into my suitcase.  Just how many dresses and shoes can a girl wear in that time frame?  I guess we'll find out. Also packing college dresses and 5 inch heels make me both  anxious makes me nostalgic, as if I haven't mentioned that before.

The Nordstrom Semi Annual is happening right now, need I say more???
What did you buy? I know Andrea just got her orders in!!!

Vinyasa yoga is MUCH harder than I ever thought? Seriously I think I sweat just as much in Vinyasa as I did in Bikram.  Like how the eff do people do this on the daily?

I just made these (the curtains for those of you wondering what 'these' was referencing) this weekend. I was going to post pictures of each step, but I followed the instructions in this link exactly, so there was really no need.  Not to shabby for $41 of fabric.  Crate and Barrel ain't got nothin' on me, now if only our couch were here, oh the excitement of adult life.
Insert awesome couch here!!!

Been tempted by Stitch Fix recently, can't decided if I should go for it, or continue to style myself. 
Any recommendations? Positives, negatives? I'd really like to know about how many items you (all you stitch fixers out there) buy every month, and if you find yourself wearing said item(s)?

I'm more nostalgic than I thought, two posts this weekend with pictures of me with long hair? 

Also while I'm gone dancing in Chicago this weekend, my boyfriend, his Dad, brother, and family friend will be rebuilding our back deck, but if you followed me on instagram you'd already know this. Did I pick an awesome weekend to be gone or what?

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

How To: Fight Getting Older

It's Wednesday, and I'm getting older every.single.day.
So I've taken matters into my own hands.
-I'm fighting Alzheimer's already. I started putting on my mascara with my left hand, apparently small things like this can help. I'm going better, just lots of focusing.

-Sunscreen on the daily, but seriously who doesn't do this?  I will say if you're not doing this you are dumb, like for real-zies, Dumb.
-Wearing clothes now that might be slightly inappropriate in five years.  Because if I don't make those stupid fashion choices (read the Camo vest I just bought that you'll be seeing soon!!!) (similar) now, when will I be able to do it?

-Spending irrational amounts of money on things for me, and by irrational I mean $50 bucks every now and then at Forever21. When your older you have to worry about Vacation funds, 401ks, and College accounts.  Oh what's that you say?? I should be doing that already...I admit I've already started, I just like to pretend I am not growing up. So every purchase is validated with, 'I'm young, and self-centered. There are worse things in life right?'
-I'm going to Chicago this weekend for a Bachelorette party and I intend on wearing short dresses and high heels and not caring, just like I did back when I was in college a year ago three years ago (shoot me know, this is so hard to say, acknowledge, and type)

-Hello moisturizer (of any kind), we're besties.  Especially the night cream moisturizer. I must get rid of these crows feet that have started to appear.
-Running, working out, and staying active.  This isn't new to my life, but it is for sure a great way to stay fit, feel good, and be healthy, which usually leads to a longer life.

-Laughing and smiling too much.  Because I have no reason not too.
I am pretty darned blessed.

This is how I feel about Wednesday.
I'll be wearing Maxi's long after they go out of style, I love pajama like clothes!!!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Top 5 Things I've Done that are Socially Inappropriate

As my 'two' (puppy and boyfriend) sleep. I lay here restless, unsure if I should really share this list with you or not.  But I decided to go for it.   Because this a place where honesty lives and breathes right??
So aside from my obvious displays of stupidity awesomeness at weddings, I have a couple of other embarrassing moments that I often look back at and laugh, for lack of anything better to say or do.  They've all been done.

1.Taken something off a plate at a restaurant. This is way more creepy than it sounds, I swear.  There we a plate of untouched garlic cheese fries next at the abandoned table next to us.  We didn't order there, but the restaurant was known for them, and  we weren't opposed to trying.  So I snuck my little hand over to the plate and snatched a few before the plates were cleared...
Looking back I can't believe I did this.

2. Walked down the street with my dress in the air.  Joining a sorority is awesome.  Drinking with sorority sisters can bring out the best drunk in of all of us, just sayin'.  Clearly not my brightest shining star moment.

3. Painted all ten nails at CVS with a color that I thought was super cute.  The color was super trendy, so I didn't need to buy it, it wouldn't be worth it, so I painted all ten nails.  Some would call and 'extended sampler'.  Oh how I secretly wish someone watched it on camera, and laughed out loud.

4. Woke up in a bath tub (it was not full of water). Oh what college nights will do to you. (Sorry Mom)

5. A Catholic (<-- cough that's me) got kicked out of the Vatican.  Something about your are not supposed to jump over a small retaining marker to go hang out in Vatican Square at midnight that those Roman Police Men didn't like. Whoopsies...you know what they say when in Rome..

Those are my top five for today, but I'm sure there are 18 more I'll think of that should have been on this list tomorrow.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Becuase Summer Blog Life is Boring

I spent my weekend doing probably the exact same thing you were were doing.
Hanging out with friends, pool side afternoons, running errands, and eating maybe just too many tacos all happened in a 48 hour time.  Which supports my theory that summer life is just more awesome.
This was actually taken during our fourth of July weekend

Random and unrelated picture, but this is what happens when you leave my boyfriend home with four kinds under the age of ten, and I love it.  If you're wondering, he didn't let the dog pull his little cousin (he's smarter than that), but he did invent the easiest way to to take a two and a half year old on walk with the family.  Just pull him on the tricycle. Genius, simply genius.

Now back to the awesome business of summer.  Have you ever found that when you're doing more things, you actually have less to write about?  Okay, this might be a slight exaggeration, never, will I ever (hopefully) run out of things to write about, but I swear when life speeds up, blogging life slows down.  They are seemingly inversely proportional.

I was home this weekend and it felt refreshing, although I did stay quite busy, if you followed me on instagram, you'd know.  Now deep breath and prepare for two back to back Bachelorette parties (Chicago and Napa); I really can't complain.  There should be some epic photos, posts, and memories to follow.
Remember when I talked about making these hypothetically a few weeks months back?
I made them. Post to follow.

Friday, July 12, 2013

A Kiss and A Diving Dog

Fridays are simply wonderful, I am sure you all agree.
 A couple things happening here, in no particular order.

The State fair is here, and I'm beyond exited for the photo booth, cheese curds, and milk shakes.  All of which will be happening tonight. Also I love people watching at the fair, I'd say it's probably second best people watching out there, second only to the airport.
I'm going to Chicago next weekend for a Bachelorette party, and I'm pretty sure it's going to be one of the most epic weekends of the summer (second to the wedding to ensue of course).  I've been many places, but never there. I am ready for some pizza, pictures at the bean, and roof top bars.  I've heard all of them are fabulous.
Our Zoey girl has been diving a little bit, but yesterday she dove to the deep end of the pool. I didn't catch that one on my phone, but here is a little clip of just how much our dog likes to scuba.

 And like I've been saying for the past three weeks. I promise to give you guys more next week.
When I'm not tired sick, and basically an embarrassment to all bloggers.
Thanks for your continued support.

I hope you have a fabulous weekend!!!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

She's Coming

 If this is what it takes to have her back in California, I'll take it.
(but seriously click on the link it's hilarious!!!!)
Can't wait to be reunited with my bestie.
36 days and counting
What is she really you might ask?

Nadine Is:
Random Phone Calling
An Outfit Picking Outing
Duet Singing
A Drink Finishing
Silly Face Making
Honest Opinion Giving
Ridiculous Giggle Fitting
 Most Judging
Most Loving
Good Book Recommending
Flip Flop Loving
Best Friend Supporting
Age Denying
Partner in Adventure-ing (and Crime)
Road Trip Warrior-ing
Random Trip Visiting
Terrible (sometimes) at Texting
Your Hair Isn't Blonde Enough Commentating
Sorority Sister(ing)
Late Night College Drinking
Fellow Akon Loving (by default)
Country Belting
Cut Off Jean Short Wearing
Last Call at 2am Go-ing
We Can Study Later Saying
East Coast Living
Archie Obsessing
Wine Sipping
Boyfriend Domesticating
 Scared of Flying
Grown Up Attempting
Let Be Young Forever Thinking
Did We Already Graduate Wondering
What Will We Do With Our Lives Pondering
Forver21 Shopping
Frugal Budgeting
Silly Dancing
Responsible Older Sibling
Let's Not Go Running
Great Blogging
Toe Ring Dawning
I'm Not To Old For a Belly Button Ring Hoping
 Silly Nick Name Giving
and a zillion more -ings

And I get to see her in 36 days.

P.S. This is probably a more accurate representation of our relationship.
It's going to be awesome.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Anyone who is Anybody Doing Anything Does it in Summer

I found love for $14.98 on the Target sales rack last week, and I think it's clear why.
In the midst of our hot summer days and a heat wave, it's like wearing Pajamas in public,
which is in one word perfection.

How I love a good Maxi dress in the summer, though I often feel like I'm running out of time to wear them, and this is why I love to hate, and love to hate summer.
Everything happens in the summer, honestly everything.

If you're an anybody do anything, you're probably doing it in the summer.
 Read: Weddings, Bachelorette Parties, Bridal Showers, Vacations, Family BBQ's, Babies, and Birthdays.  Not even sure why I capitalized every item in the list, it just seemed necessary to make them stand out more.  I know better, I promise.  So hold on tight, for thirteen busy weekends your life that will feel like they are on fast forward.

If you ask me, the calendar year goes a little something like this January, February is a short month anyway, so why really count it.  St. Patrick's Day, then it's April, nothing happens, and boom it's Memorial Day and you blink and summer's gone, and Christmas decor is up in all Target stores.

Though we all claim to love 'layering' our clothes, and 'having a more versatile wardrobe' but who are we really trying to fool.  There is not much better than throwing on a pair of cut offs, a tank, and converse or flip flops and heading out the door.  There nothing, and I mean nothing more comfortable than a Maxi, and you certainly can't tell me that a rain jacket is a 'cute' accessory.

Now don't be getting all critical on me, because yes I am ski gooroo, so I do, by default and obligation, love winter.  But skiing in the sanity that gets me through the winter.  You certainly can't sit on your back patio with Strawbertia in hand during the winter, and there is something oddly satisfying and simple about that...something about the sunshine brings out more smiles.

So the fourth of July, to me marks the half way point of summer, which we all know freaks me out because it means I am that much closer to my birthday (I'm about to be a full quarter century) and I'm busy living over here.  So damn you summer for being half way gone, and here's to enjoying the second half.  I'll be enjoying it in my maxi.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A Rare Car Wash and Three Other Things

I officially got my car washed, and I'm thinking I should probably do it more often. Something about riding around in a clean set of wheels is really satisfying. That us until you realize your $25 'deluxe' car wash will last all of two seconds due to your commute.  Oh the first world problems I struggle with on the daily, certainly am blessed.

Other things in my life that are mildly unorganized, which constantly make me seem like I might not be qualified for adult life.

....my inbox actually has 468 read, unsorted, 'important' emails.  To find them, I just search for them. 
To some it might seem like the least efficient way to do things, but to me it works.  I'll probably sort them all, on my phone, in one sitting while waiting for something.

....I respond to 98% of my personal emails on my phone, truth. Why you ask? 
I'm not even sure, I do have a awesome very functional computer.

....cleaning out the center council of my car (prior to said car wash), I found 32 Target receipts. How the center council became the collector of all Target receipts, I am not sure.  You bet your sweet A**, I didn't add up the total, I probably would have cried (and wished I had a red card they ask me about every.single.time. I check out).

It's normal to walk your dog like this right???

Monday, July 8, 2013

A Under Cover Homebody and Adult Things

 Hope you all had a great fourth of July, can't believe it's here and gone already.
And can't believe it was my third fourth with this guy.
The fourth, sorry if you've already seen this on instagram.
 Currently wishing I was at home, in bed reading or watching TV, like I did yesterday (for five straight hours). And I didn't even feel bad about it.  I caught up on all of my shows, Real Housewives, Bachelorette, and HGTV without any interruptions (my boyfriend had to work). 

The past three weeks have been exceptionally busy, between visiting our niece, the wedding in heat, fourth of July at the lake, we haven't been home.  And now I'm prepping for four consecutive weekends of bachelorette parties, bridal showers, and weddings...

As much as I like to think I am not a homebody, I am.
Something about routine, sleeping in my bed, showering in my shower, doing laundry, and cleaning up the house is actually so calming to me.  Which makes me realize that I am slowly but surly becoming a grown up.

We've also done a couple grown up things in the past two weeks. Our kitchen back splash went up (the kitchen was remodeled a year ago and now it's done), and we bought our sectional (we picked our own fabric, and orientation), gotta love those no sales tax Holiday sales.  So in six to eight weeks, we will officially be living on our couch!!! Pictures of both to come soon.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

If you need me

I'll be here.

Will return to regularly scheduled programming on Monday.

Happy fourth to all!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Wait Hold On a Second...I'm Busy Living

 If someone told me today were March 3rd, I'd probably believe them.
Aside from the fact that it's already blazing hot outside and someone (cough, me) thought it'd be a great idea to bake two batches of cookies for the fourth of July get together that starts tonight.
Brilliant when it's supposed to be 110+....awesome

 You see, if I'm not mistaken I was just skiing with my family, on vacation in Brazil, and celebrating my future niece with friends and family.  Bottom line I'm just not sure where 2013 went.

Yesterday I had to activly stop and think about my age.
Like actually had to do that math, because I wasn't sure.
So different from the days you knew exactly how many days until your drivers license, you went to college, and could (legally) go to the bars. 
Totally unrelated, but totally awesome picture, Hi Nadine!!!
That's when I knew Mom was right.  Mom once told me that as you get older the years go by faster and faster, and she's right.  She said when she was holding her grand daughters just hours old, it felt like just yesterday that it was Glen, or I in her arms, and yet that was all 25+ years ago...

My New Year's resolution was to live in the moment, to appreciate what I had before it was gone. 
Now I am not saying my youth will be gone tomorrow (then again it might), but what I am sayin' is I need to appreciate my days in this moment, right where I am. 

Living happily with my boyfriend, Zoey girl, in our little house.
Because certainly before I know it, time will fly, and everything most everything will be different. 

Monday, July 1, 2013

Hotter Than a Witches Tit and Wedding Season

This weekend we (my boyfriends family, my.boyfriend, and I) went to a wedding, in Arizona.
And it was HOT. 
Like record highs hot.
119 degrees on the day of the wedding hot.
The brides Mom described the heat as, "Hotter than a witches tit," Hot.
Which pretty much sums it up.
 Gotta love iPhone wedding pics, and the shoes (remember them???)

We jumped from A/C to A/C like the frog in frogger jumped from one leaf to another.
More than thirty seconds out side was actually painful. It felt like you were burning.

But we had a great time, despite it all.  My only comment, I'm not sure I'll be going back 
to Arizona any time soon. 

I'm even more excited to announce that it's supposed to be 105+ all week long at home.
Good news is, we'll be escaping the heat, and heading the mountains Tuesday night,
to be spend the fourth by the lake (and this little guy will be there)
Apologies to all instagram followers who have already seen this, if you haven't follow along here.
My plan is to come back tan, relaxed, and ready for the next four marathon weekends.
That will be full of bachelorette parties, bridal showers, and weddings.
Yup, it's officially wedding season.