Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Try Something New

My try new things trio (and co workers Kara and Kerry) have talked me into TWO new 'fitness' activities this year.

The first was a eight month stint of pole dancing, yup I said it, pole dancing. It was a blast but came to an end after I tumbled, okay flailed off the pole landing in a pretzel-ed mess on the ground 'displacing' two ribs. Don't worry the sustained injuries were not serious, and were cured with one quick $35 trip to the chiropractor.

This morning we tried our NEWEST fitness adventure- Cardio Kickboxing!!!

We went before work, thinking it'll be easy- It was our first class after all.

Forty five minutes and a head of what hair later, we all needed a little more than a 'freshen up'.

It was a blast though- punching and kicking it out to loud pop remixes.

The wrist wraps and gloves made me feel like a true bad ass, even though I know I'm not.  During the warm up alone my coordination skills were challenged, and that's not even touching the punching, kicking, elbowing combos.

Bad Ass maybe not, Lame-0 for wanting a picture, yup!!!!
We're excited to go back though, this Groupon was for TEN classes (including hand wraps and gloves), so I've got more time to develop my punching rhythm and kicking technique.  

Needless to say we all decided it was an AFTER work activity.

If you get a chance, give it a try.
I can't wait for our next class!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sometimes Always #2

Sometimes: I pretend like I am not going to talk on speakerphone on the way to work
Always: I end up using the time to catch up with family and friends.  I hate time zones.

Sometimes: I pretend like I am not interested in the programs my boyfriend watches on The History and Science channels.  
Always: I get sucked into the show, and end up learning much more than I do when I watch The Bachelorette my shows

This is my view- there might be a puppy in the picture soon!!!
Sometimes: I get these crazy, hair brained ideas and I clean the contents of my purse.
Always: I find 19 gum wrappers, 4 hair ties, 2 packs of gum, 27 receipts, and 13 lip glosses. And end up feeling way too organized.

Sometimes: Pink jumps into my wardrobe, I don't know how it happens.
Always: I feel awkward, and girly in a very cliche way.

Sometimes: There is a creep manican thingy in the bar
Always: Pictures ensue

Yup, he's a little creepy.  Apparently he play musical chairs.

Sometimes: I devour a Whiskey burger.
Always: Always it reminds me of my first day with my boyfriend, where I devoured the entire thing. Somethings never change.

Thanks for the link up!!!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Timeless Foods

This morning I poured myself a large bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios with diced banana on top, a GO TO that NEVER lets me down!

I realized there are many childhood staples that left a lasting impression.

I am convinced I will ALWAYS enjoy:

Ants on a Log
Apple and Cheese Sail Boats
Otter Pops
A large handful Large hand fulls of Gold Fish
Capri Suns
Graham Crackers and Milk
Annie's Mac 'n Cheese
Horizon Chocolate Milk
Pigs in a Blanket
 Disney Princess Fruit Snacks
Cheese Sticks
Strawberry Pop Tarts
Ego Waffles
English Muffin Pizzas
Yogurt Covered Rasins
I had Pigs in a Blanket last night too!
We used the Smokey's we made as appetizers here, and low fat pre-made crescent roll dough.

What childhood snacks will you always love?

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Weekend Congratulations!

I signed my boyfriend up for email notifications for every time I update my little blog (even though he reads most of them over my shoulder as a I type them).  This is a text I got Friday afternoon, after I posted Friday letters, and I almost died laughing....

See this post to know why he knew what Jeggings are

And my response:

Also finally got a chance to wear the dress at my LOFT extravaganza a couple of weeks ago.  We celebrated the last high school graduation for a long while.  CONGRATULATIONS Eric!!!

I got SOOOO many compliments on my dress.  My favorite a lady in the street who whispered to her friend, "Oh did you see that dress, it's so cute!!!".  Gotta love unsolicited compliments.

Dress not available online anymore :( - similar-ish here

Hope you all are enjoying the weekend with an extra day of FUN!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday Letters

Dear County Fair,

You made for a fun Thursday evening.  Everything I ate was fried last night, and I feel pretty. darn. good. about. it.  Then I followed all that up with a milk shake. Also saw some local FFA goats, cows, and horses.  We might just go again this weekend.

Dear Possum, 
I thought you were a nocturnal creature.  When I saw you strolling down the street during my morning run, you scared me.  Also you were WAY bigger then I thought you would be, I hope you don't frequent my back yard.

Dear Operation Install Refrigerator,
WOW fridges are HEAVY.  Way heavier than I thought.  Good news is we'll never have to move you again, you're in your home.  Bad news, you're currently empty :( More good news our shopping trip this weekend is going to be epic!  Get ready Safeway, here we come!

Blurry, but yes I helped move this MONSTER this morning
Dear Cara,
I'm glad you are okay. Yesterday was a bit scary, I must say.  Just a reminder that we ALL have A LOT to be thankful for.  Doesn't mean we will stop the good thoughts and prayers for others.  Life is a gift.

Dear Three Day Weekend,
Enough. Said. It's THREE whole DAYS!!!! But more importantly thank you to all those who have served for us, and those who still are.  Truley admirable and respectable. Thank you Grandpa and Uncle Jim.
Arlington National Cemetery During Memorial Day Weekend
Dear Summer, 
You and I have LOTS of plans. I think you'll be fUn and VERY busy!!! But better busy then bored.


Thursday, May 24, 2012

In or Out

I know you probably saw my post yesterday, but can't say it enough

Nordstrom Semi Annual: IN

Who couldn't love this sale??? Here are a few things I am eyeing.

So versatile- buy here
Classy and Fabulous- buy here

Miley Cyrus: OUT 

Check out this getup she wore the other day.  Really Miley? Let's do a little better next time.  Also ever since Party in the USA, you've done what exactly?  Last Song?  Not at all impressed.  Way to get them buzzing this week Miley...check out the gossip here.  I'm over you.  Make another over produced and over played pop beat, and maybe I'll get back on your team.

Heather of Real House Wives of OC: IN

I am always skeptical when a new girl joins the crew.  I remember the days when Jeana was part of the crew, Gretchen had small boobs, and Tamera rod Harleys in pink bandanas with Simon.  But Heather has been a great addition, after all she might be married to a plastic surgeon but shes 98% real (and doesn't cook).  I love this season.  OC is the best, forget New York and New Jersey, you are just wannabes.  And Heather keep rockin' it out, and keep being feisty with Alexis, I love it!!!

Dry Shampoo: IN

I haven't used any before, but have heard rave reviews.  So I gave this one a try, cheap, nice bottle, and recommended by Jeanna from Life of a Wife, figured it had to be great. Sure enough it is great.  And as noted in Day Book, dry shampoo helps hair hold style and curl better.  Loving this these days.

 Three day weekend, WHAT?

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Middle Part?

I decided it was time for a throw back, so I gave the middle part shot this morning.

My hair totally not used to being parted like this  has not rocked a middle part since second grade.

What's happening with that right side? 

So clearly the right side needs some taming, so I might need to try this a little more often to perfect it.
But at least my backside curls ended up complete.  I always struggle with getting my entire head curled.  It's embarrassing when your boyfriend asks you, "Are you going to curl the back?"

Take that back of my head

Also found this shirt at Kohl's, during my maiden voyage Kohl's shopping trip this weekend, and I love the top.  Overall I must admit Kohl's was a disappointment.  I feel a little bit over promised under delivered.  I am thinking it might be a little bit hit or miss ??? Please advise.  But Lauren Conrad got to me with this shirt, so I didn't walk out empty handed.

Also for those of you who have been waiting.  Yup Christmas is here.  The Semi Annual:

Happy Hump Day

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sometimes and Always #1

So I know that I copy this blog a lot, but when your best friend calls and says, "I'm starting a blog," and she lives what feels to be 4, 487, 145, 980 miles away, you do the same, so it feels like you are doing things 'together'.   It's ALMOST like you're hanging out.  But 

When I told my Dad I was starting a blog because Nadine did, he said, "Why don't you just email?" Clearly he doesn't get it.  So here we go with another copy cat post.  But her post today put me in tears, only because I feel the same way, so I felt it was justified.  Plus she got the idea from Mackey Madness, and copying is the best form of flattery.  Thanks for linking :)

Sometimes: I think I can stay awake to watch a movie during a week night, even when my boyfriend reminds me this has happened once in the past year.

Always: I fall asleep 20 minutes in.

Sometimes: I wonder if I am where I am supposed to be, on the right track, shall we say.

Always: I remember how lucky and blessed I am to be surrounded by family and friends who love and support me.   Yes, I am in the right place.

Sometimes: I wish my Grandpa were still here to tell me stories, judge my life, lay it out straight and narrow for me, and keep my Grandma company.  She's lonely without him, even though she has two kids in the immediate area.

Always: I remember how many great years they were married, how much advice he was able to share with me, and how he helped shaped our family.

Sometimes: I am convinced I have everything I need for the day, before leaving for work.

Always: I run back inside to grab the missing item (i.e. Phone, Purse, Wallet, Computer, Jacket, etc.)

Sometimes: I think I call my parents too much.

Always: I remember, never too much.  They are just so helpful, supportive, inspiring, and understanding.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Monday: True Life

Here's to Monday. 
And what it had in store for me.

True Life:

I went running at 5:15 am (Thanks Steph!), and made it through the day.  Winning!!!

I read for 45minutes BEFORE going in to the office.  That never happens.

If finished my accounting (at work) two days early, what ahead of the game on Monday?

Was on hold for 1/2 hour with my health insurance company.  Terrible. Also SOLVED NO PROBLEMS.
Fond a great new country song.  I might be a little late for this, but listen here.  Thompson Square, I knew I liked you.

Essie named a nail polish after me, awe how sweet! Thanks for thinking of me, so flattering.

Color: She's Picture Perfect
 Caught up with the Bestie, East Coast time difference how you torture our phone dates.

Set up the Bachelorette for series recording, how did I NOT do this last week????

Chipotle Burrito Bowl dinner, check. That's what happens when your kitchen is not finished.  It's almost there :) And It looks amazing.  You did a great job babe!

Played DOUBLE Sorry (I had two colors, the Boyfriend had two colors) and WON.  Damn it feels good to be a gangster.

Monday, thanks for passing by without a hitch.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Weekend Wants

Here is a small (?) list of things I want.  Naturally not many will happen, but I thought I'd share them with you.

I would want it in this color, feminine and different then all my other purses.  This ones a LONG ways off, but a girl can dream right...

Nordstrom- Where Else?

These fabulous wedges.  They could be work and play shoes, which are the best.  Double Dipping.  I sure wish they weren't 5'', because they'd make me 6'2'', but that's only a slight detail right? (other colors available, I like the salmon too, cream just more versatile)

Express always has something I could see myself wearing.  I like this dress, but already own last year's version in black.  Not sure if it's worth buying the 'newer' edition, but do love the colors.  Waiting to see if it goes on sale (40% off all dresses), as per usual.

Express Here

I can always find sometime on/at forever21.  Let's not lie I'll probably be shopping there for a long time coming.  What girl doesn't?
Forever21 here

The bracelet would add both spunk and color to any outfit.  To get it in both colors might be cute too!
Forever21 here

Even though I already have four pairs, I still want these. Just admit it, they are great!

Nordstrom here

And LOFT always has things that I like to look at both in store and online.  I like this high neck line and pattern.  Would be great for a Sunday brunch at fancy golf course, because that's something I always never do...
LOFT here

And the list gets longer.
Good news is, it's a list of Wants NOT Needs
I will survive with or without them.

Wine-y Weekend

This weekend I spent some time wining in Napa with Alex.  I will say we took it as an easy day, no fancy spancy limo, driver, large group situation.  It was more friends catching up, which was JUST as enjoyable.  Sorry to break the news to you obnoxious bachelorette party we saw in what seemed to be uniformed maxi dresses, you weren't the only ones having fun!

We had such a relaxing time.  We started with lunch at a popin' local restaurant.  We had fried olives (see below) and even though I don't like olives on the day to day, these fried little wonders were different and delicious.  Potent, I think is a word to describe their taste.  The almonds were a great pairing.

We started our tasting at the Robert Mondavi Winery, our Alma Madre, Go Aggies!!! And thank you Alex for working industry to get us a complimentary tasting here, you rock!

Then we went to Round Pond, where Alex works. Check 'em out here.  I can say showing up to work at this place every day would NOT be hard.  The valley looks stunning from the second story outdoor patio/tasting area.  It was also a food/wine tasting; a new experience for me. 

Good news is, they were NOT lying- food really DOES bring out the flavor in Vino.  Who knew?
Don't think you can buy this wine at the store, but look for it in restaurants their 2009 Cabernet Sauvignon was my favorite (middle glass), so if you see it, grab a glass.

Thanks for a great Saturday Napa, Sunday I hope you're just as FUN!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday Letters

Dear Dream and Subconscious Mind,
I know you are excited about ski season, I am too.  But please don't get me all excited about it (insert dream of powder, and epic ski day here) only to wake up to beautiful sunshine and mid 80's.  Don't get me wrong, I love my shorts and sandals weather, but there is just something about the slopes.  December is far off, and it's too early to get me this excited for hitting the slopes, but you are right mind my new goggles are awesome.

Dear Friday,
You are even sweeter today because it's payday.  Does this mean that I get to reward myself with something fun? I have been eying a few things at Nordstrom (as per usu).  Let me know, but either way I think they are happening :)

Dear Alex, 
I am very excited to see you tomorrow and taste at the winery you are working at now.  I feel like I should make the trip more, becuase you're not too far away.  Well as they say, better late than never.  It should be a fun Saturday.  I am excited that Kerry is coming too.  Yay adventures. 

Picture from my last Visit

Dear Last Nights Dinner,
You were maybe a little too good to me.  I think I might have to run all weekend as a punishment, but every bit of the Whiskey Burger and flour-less chocolate cake was well worth it.  And yes boyfriend, flour-less chocolate means it has no flour- You asked what it meant, and I gave you an explanation.  It was the simple explanation, not the blonde one, Thank You Very Much!

Dear Bachelorette,
I'm excited for this season. Ben was a little bit of a let down.  Really, Courtney?  How could you not see right through her.  Emily I hope you're better than he is. Oh and P.S. I think you're cuter than Ashley....yup I said it.


Thursday, May 17, 2012

In or Out

Time for the weekly IN or OUT.  This is a fun game to play with friends, when your just sitting around.

As a side note, last week passed as a snails pace, this week is flying by. It's already almost Friday, Loving this.

Chinese Take Out: IN

My boyfriend, his Mom, Dad, and friend have been working on putting together the ikea kitchen cabinets for the past three days, and they have done a GREAT job!!! His sister and fiance brought Chinese take out for dinner, and we ate it standing around the plywood covered island (see below).  It was exactly what everyone needed after a long day, and so tasty.  We set it up free for all style with plastic utensils and paper plates.  I hit the spot for everyone.  I can't believe I had forgotten just how good it was.  Guess we'll be eating a bit more of it until the kitchen is done :)

 See Island Here :)

Man Who Cheered me on During my Morning Run: IN

Usually communication during my solo runs is minimal.  Most people that try to communicate with me are fellow runners, to whom  I attempt a sweaty, red faced smile or waive.  Occasionally I'll get the anonymous drive by honk- Grow up! There is nothing sexy about sweating profusely and propelling my body down the street with as much coordination as I can muster.  But yesterday a man at the bus stop said, "Faster, Push It, You Got This," and it really worked.  I started running faster feeling both challenged and encouraged.  Thank you for that Sir, it made the last part of my run better.

Cloudy Cool May Morning: OUT

Here's the deal weather, you can't switch on me like this.  Especially when just yesterday you were hot from sun up to sun down.  I had already planned my outfit not anticipating this change, and I was not about to try and think of another outfit, so this is what I get a morning of goose bumped arms and hot chocolate.  I hope you warm up out there.

Blisters: OUT

At boot camp yesterday we had to do some bear walking, walk out push ups, backwards crawling, you get the idea.  Sounds strange, but trust me my muscles were talking to me this morning.  Anyways the pavement was hot, and my palms were numb, but in true boot camp style I carried on to ensure I was 'maximizing' my work out.  Sure enough I ended up with a quarter size blisters on each palm from where we were crawling on the pavement, and ouchie they hurt.  Good news is, it could always be worse, right???

This is after I popped it.

What are you IN or OUT on?

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

True Love Never Dies: All Things Anchored

Not sure if I have revealed this little fun fact yet, but I was a sorority girl in college.  Well I guess in essence I still am: it's a lifetime membership.

My three collegiate years as a Delta Gamma were the best college years.  I learned a lot, partied more a lot, and met my best friend.  'Our' symbol is the anchor, and thus half my college wardrobe had a embossed/embroidered/imprinted anchor on it.  And ANY anchor accessory was treated as gold.

Once an obsessed, always obsessed.  Today when I walked into World Market, I was almost hit in the face: All Thing Anchored.  And I loved it!
I resisted the urge to buy anything for myself (or others) today, but know I will be back there in the near future!!!

What I wore was unintentionally sailor/anchor esqe. (OTTD blue and white) although I didn't realize it. Gotta love Steve Madden espadrilles (here).  Thanks Nordstrom :)

Happy Hump Day!!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Nice Sunnies - Totally Worth It

I've never had nice sun glasses, I have always loved the 

f21 $4.80 aviators

 sunnies from the vendors on the street in Venice beach, etc.

and the staple $10 pair from Nordstrom- B.P.,

I have never invested lots of $$$$ on my glasses in fear I would absent mindedly leave them someplace like the nets baskets in cars of Thunder Mountain in Disneyland, carried away by the waves in Cinque Terre, or on top of the car while loading things up - ALL of which I have done.

My boyfriend surprised me with BEAUTIFUL Raybands for Valentines Day (even after we said NO gifts) and they are GREAT.  They fit great, and look great on my face!!! As I mentioned before, I've never owned a nice pair, and now that I do I feel SO Grown UP!!! and Fancy. 

If you've never owned a pair I would recommend getting yourself a pair (polarized, it really does make a difference). 

They are totally worth it!!! 

To ensure they always end up in the same place, he bought me a special case to leave them in- it's been the key to success (aka not loosing them) thus far.  Let's hope it says that way. 

Monday, May 14, 2012

Pastel Heart Attack?

Here are some yummy brown sugar bacon wrapped smokeys that my boyfriend and I made for appetizers on Mothers Day.  They may contribute to your first heart attack, but they are well worth it!!!
Get the recipe here!!!

And I went for some Target pastel colors this weekend.
I saw this on Lily's Style and had to grab the peddle pushers!  

 Pants here
Shirt here
Watch here

Here are my nails- Bubble Gum pink, that I was excited about here :)
I think they turned out well.  I am not the best at keeping color on my fingers for long, I'll be lucky if they late 'til Friday!!!